4.20Bar Minis By Evergreen Herbal Are Delicious

August 8, 2021

It’s hard to find a tastier cannabis chocolate bar on the West Coast than 4.20Bar chocolates. Since 2010, Evergreen Herbal’s 4.20Bar has served the Washington state medical (and eventually) recreational markets. It has continuously been a source of both delicious chocolate and carefully crafted in-house distillate. They now continue the decade-long streak with a line of 4.20Bar mini chocolates, now available at Kush21 locations around the state.

These minis come in a huge variety of flavors, all made with Guittard chocolate and naturally sourced ingredients. Each package has 100 mg of THC and CBD each, equally as potent as Evergreen’s standard bars. Novice and veteran cannabis users alike enjoy these 4.20Bars, and we expect the same level of enjoyment from the minis as well. Like the original bars, they are totally vegan-friendly and gluten-free, ensuring the widest accessibility to this tasty product.

Product Feature: 4.20Bar Mini Chocolates by Evergreen Herbal are the Solution to Your Cannabis Chocolate Cravings
Via evergreen_herbal on Instagram

4.20Bar Dark Chocolate varieties

Last year the Dark Chocolate + Sea Salt 4.20Bar appeared on Hashtag Cannabis’ Top Products of 2020. It’s fair to assume the 4.20Bar Minis will maintain that reputation. The Sea Salt bar is one of three dark chocolate flavors offered, another being the Espresso 4.20Bar Minis.

61% dark chocolate and crushed espresso beans ultimately combine to make these caffeine-packed mini-bars a great choice for early risers. All three dark chocolate flavors come in 10:1 and 1:1 CBD-to-THC ratios. On top of sea salt and espresso, there is also a Hazelnut + Dark Chocolate pack.

Product Feature: 4.20Bar Mini Chocolates by Evergreen Herbal are the Solution to Your Cannabis Chocolate Cravings
Via @evergreen_herbal on Instagram

4.20Bar Milk Chocolate varieties

If sweet flavors are more your thing, then you need not worry. Evergreen Herbal naturally has a few milk chocolate flavors as well. The standard milk chocolate bar comes in three forms, with 1:1 and 10:1 CBD:THC options alongside a100mg THC-only bar. These creamy, all-natural bar segments bring out beautiful flavors and a potentially relaxing experience. Try them with peanut butter, bananas, or even in a baking recipe!

We have more than just that, though. A clever design of their own, the 4.20Bar HempCrunch milk chocolate minis are an option offered with bonus omegas from mixed-in hemp hearts. Combine this with crisped rice and you’ll discover the crunch bar to surpass all other crunch bars. 

Our last flavor to show you is certainly not the least. 4.20Bar Mini’s Milk Chocolate + Toffee is the sweet tooth solution on our list. With crunchy, mouth-watering pieces of toffee mixed into the flawless milk chocolate bar, these minis are a gourmet treat even without the 10 mg THC per serving.

You can currently get any of these flavors, as supply arrives, at Mr. Bills of Buckley and Kush21 in SeaTac. Let us know what you think of our 4.20Bar Minis. Kush21 continues to look forward to providing quality cannabis to the Washington cannabis community, and hope that you find great experiences with this delicious chocolate line.

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