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Cannabis Cooking Classes in Seattle

Learn to create your own edibles from the best of the best!

By Kat Legan

Cooking with Cannabis

If you’ve ever tried an edible from Kush21 then you know that an expertly crafted cannabis concoction can be an otherworldly experience.  While there are plenty of amazing brands like Wave and Canna Vita producing delicious edibles for our enjoyment here in Seattle, it can be empowering and fun to learn how to prepare your own infused foods. 

Today we’re featuring a couple of amazing resources for cannabis cooking classes in the Seattle area.  Whether you’d like to join a group class with hopes of meeting new people in the learning process or you’re looking for the ultimate creative date night idea, look no further than these cannabis connoisseurs’ for a great experience!  

Cooking with Weed

Mary J. White

Mary has been living in Seattle her entire life, and in that time she shifted her career from local radio and television to sharing her passion for cooking with cannabis.  The exciting classes she offers using the medicinal herb are varied, so grab your girls and enjoy a night of wine and small plates of hemp-infused goodies or grab your spring fling for a sexy night of blindfolded taste tests and sensual treats.  The psychoactive effects are limited, but the taste is most definitely not!

Bookings are offered on her website for these and more introductory classes, and she has an obvious love for teaching others how to more thoroughly enjoy their time spent in the kitchen.  While it’s not edible, her infused lotion recipe is the highlight of a topical exploration class if you’re looking for something a bit different. If you can’t make it in for a class, don’t worry because Mary has you covered with her book Everyday Mary J  or you can check out some of her delicious recipes online.

Cannabis and the Art of Infusion

Mortar and Pestle

Ricky Flickinger of Mortar and Pestle is a former pastry chef with a mean special brownie recipe. He is also an expert source for all things cooking with cannabis right here in Seattle.

His take on cooking edibles is deliciously experimental, and his creations are delectable proof of a passion for the art. Conveniently enough, Ricky travels to your location and brings much of what will be needed for a fun, educational class.  He cannot legally bring cannabis along for his students, so the freedom is yours in choosing what you’d like to infuse your dishes with and how you’d like to be feeling after consumption.

Flickinger can assist in deciding upon the perfect menu for you and your company, and the passion he has for cooking is sure to be contagious to anyone participating.   If you’re looking for an alternative method to learning Ricky’s culinary secrets, his cookbook Cannabis & the Art of Infusion can be ordered on his site.  Otherwise, check him out on his YouTube channel Baked: the Web Series, Instagram @m_pestle, or learn from him online through Patreon at chefricky!

Mary J. White and Rick Flickinger have a deep mutual appreciation for Seattle and legal cannabis. They are proud to share with anyone who has a hunger for knowledge and a bigger hunger for incredible edibles.  Mary’s cannabis cooking calendar will show you some of her availabilities, and she encourages those interested in joining her for a lively culinary experience to get in touch and find a time that works best for them.

Check out her Instagram or blog while you’re at it to see the goods you have to look forward to.  Reach out to Rick on his website with some basic information to set up a date and menu to wow your friends and family or to take one-on-one classes with him over the web.  Either way, we’re sure you’ll enjoy working with him to take your cannabis cooking skills to a whole new level.

Whether cooking with friends or at home, be sure to stop by a Kush21 Location to find the perfect strain for your next tasty cannabis-infused endeavor!  Also, check out some basics regarding edibles in our previous post Edibles: Sweets, Eats, and Treats!

Kat Legan

Kat Legan

Cannabis Culture

Kat is a 26 year old living in Seattle whose appreciation for cannabis began with discovering its medicinal uses for alleviating chronic illness and balancing mental health. She fills her time with writing, plant-based and gluten-free cooking, and exploring the Seattle area. She also enjoys all things beauty-related, being a mom to two cats, and is proud to share her passion for cannabis culture through writing and photography. You can find Kat on Instagram and keep up with her posts at @katscannabis

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