Carbon Fiber Strain: Relaxing Creamy Pie Flavors

By Kush21 Staff Editor

High-end cannabis. You know it when you see it, but it can be hard picking it out amongst the heavily saturated options of the cannabis industry. While many brands try to live up to the title, there are only a few that have earned the distinction. One of these brands is K. Savage. The company’s mission to grow each plant to its full potential has resulted in premium strains like Carbon Fiber. 

A potent hybrid with a complex lineage, the Carbon Fiber’s potential Indica-leaning effects might make it the ideal strain for late-night relaxation. 

Unique Genetics

The Carbon Fiber strain is made up of a cross between three hybrids: Cookies & Cream, Grape Pie, and Biscotti. Two out of three of the parent strains are Indica dominant. The result is a delicious flavor profile with a THC level of 21.6%

The appearance of Carbon fiber is as pleasing as the smoking experience. The Dark green nugs contain purple hues throughout and are coated with a frosty layer of trichomes. The white crystals stick to your fingers at the touch, giving the bud the appearance of being dipped in a bowl of powdered sugar. 

The smell and taste of the strain are passed down from the plant’s genetics. Carbon Fiber gives off a sweet, doughy, and creamy aroma. The flavor is similar with subtle hints of bread and pie throughout. 

Behind The Brand

K Savage provides high-end products that aim to improve the world beyond just production. By exploring unique and interesting strains and carefully hand-trimming each bud, the brand hopes their products will help consumers to harness the energy of strains like Carbon Fiber to bring good into the world. 

This idea of “doing good” translates into the brand’s philanthropy. K Savage Supply Co is partnered with The Last Prisoner Project to help give prisoners convicted of cannabis-related crimes a chance to reclaim their life. 

To try the Carbon Fiber or any other strain from K Savage’s lineup, check out our online menu

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October 18, 2021

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