Cherry Cookies Strain: Decadent, Sweet, And Strong

By Kush21 Staff Editor

The 4th of July is one of the few times a year where we can shamelessly stuff our faces with classic American treats like Cherry Pie. Afterward, however, we may find ourselves missing the sweet nostalgia that festive treats bring. At times like these, Kush 21 has your back. The Cherry Cookies strain has a similar decadence and is worth savoring on any occasion.

In this Kush21 Strain Feature, we tell you everything that the potent Indica bud has to offer.

The Basics 

The Cherry Cookies strain is an Indica leaning hybrid that combines the infamous Girl Scout Cookies with Cherry Pie. The result is a potent strain made up of 23% THC on average. The strain can contain up to 26% THC, causing a potentially long-lasting cerebral experience.

 The lineage of the Cherry Cookies strain creates a sweet-smelling product with the sugary flavor of American pastries. The aroma of the Cherry Pie offers a sweet yet tangy experience, with a flavor that matches. The appearance of the strain includes round buds that are small in size but dense in weight. The buds have a deep green/purple color with a blanket of dark orange trichomes. 


While cannabis strains affect users in different ways, some consumers report a potentially deep feeling of relaxation with couch-locking capabilities after smoking the Cherry Cookies strain. Others describe the potential mental effects of bright colors and deep sound; making it an ideal strain for listening to music.

The strain has potentially intoxicating effects due to its high potency, so stay away from activities like driving or operating heavy machinery.

The possible sedative properties of the Cherry Cookies strain could be used to aid in issues with insomnia. In addition, its potential calming properties might help those suffering from anxiety or stress. 

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July 12, 2021

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