Chill Out with Cannabis

Chill Out with these Summertime Cannabis Drinks

By Macey Wolfer

Weed drinks are refreshing, relaxing, and taste delicious. If you want to kick start your summer relaxation or impress your friends by the pool, a cannabis-infused drink is an excellent way to go.

Check out these tasty summer drinks to chill out this season.

Happy Apple Cannabis Infused Cider

Happy Apple Cider

This cider is not only crisp and refreshing but also uses 100% Washington-grown apples and cannabis. It’s sweet and spicy without containing any added sugars or artificial flavors. As far as ciders go, it’s on the low side for calories, with just 140 per serving.

We’ve got both 10 mg cider (perfect for one person) and 100 mg (great for sharing in a group) plus a 1:1 ratio of THC and CBD for a calming social relaxant.

Greenmed Labs, the makers of Happy Apple, use an exclusive water emulsion technology, creating a product with no weed taste or smell. Happy Apple was the first infused drink to use this technology, and they have paved the way for other delicious infused goodies.

Make sure to tell your friends there’s weed in it if they try to steal a cold one from your fridge.

Cannabis Infused Cola

Blaze Cola

If you’re looking for a dose of nostalgia, this refreshing cola will channel the good ole’ days of summer in a cute little bottle. Picture this on the patio with your choice of backyard barbecue delights, and you’ve got a perfect evening.

This soda nails everything you’d want in a summertime cola. It’s bubbly and bright with just a hint of vanilla. Pair it with a burger or hot dog and some potato salad, and you’re living the dream.

This company has been bringing tasty treats to consumers for years now, with quality ingredients that produce delicious products.

HighDrate Cannabis Infused


HighDrate is another tasty summer drink that will have you feeling invigorated.

With a variety of potencies available, as well as a CBD/THC blend for a more relaxing effect, you’ll be able to try these drinks in various ways for different occasions.

Choose between a selection of summertime classics like passionfruit, hibiscus, pomegranate blueberry, and strawberry lemonade. You’ve got enough options right here you’ll never get bored with your summertime drinks.

Orange Cream Cannabis Infused

Orange Cream Pie

Evergreen Herbal, the company also responsible for the delicious Blaze Cola, clearly know what they’re doing when it comes to making incredibly delicious and potent cannabis drinks, and the orange cream pie is no exception.

The groovy label combined with a sweet and creamy orange soda sets off all the nostalgia bells and can send you back to the most delightful of days. Of course, with the extra punch of a little THC.

This 10 mg soda is perfect for chilling out on a summer day and is available for just $6!

Cannabis Cocktails

Cannabis-infused Drinks

If you’ve never had a cannabis-infused drink, now’s a great time to try it out. Many people prefer a sip of cannabis over smoking or other methods, especially in the summer when it can get hot and sweaty.

Just be sure to start slow with your drink (I know, they’re tasty), because you don’t want to end up getting hit with unwanted effects. Wait for 30 to 60 minutes after drinking the first half to continue, especially if you’re going to be drinking from a higher serving beverage.

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Drink up!

Macey Wolfer

Macey Wolfer

Cannabis Culture

Macey is a freelance writer from Seattle. She is passionate about music, dogs, and the world of cannabis.

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