Clever Ways to Mask the Smell of Cannabis

By Angie McFarlane

I’m going to start this article off by saying that in no way do we support you having to hide the beautiful smell of cannabis from anyone. It should be allowed to roam the world freely, but not everyone shares my opinion on the sweet sweet smell of marijuana. Today, we’re going to talk about a few smart ways to mask the smell of cannabis from those who may find it unpleasant or downright unbearable to those you may not want to know you have smoked anything at all.

Airing out Cannabis Smell

The Natural Way

You had a tough week at work, and you decided to stop at Kush21 for some good Grand Daddy Purp and Sour Diesel on your way home after another sweaty day. Your boss is up to your snapping threshold, and you just need some danky cannabis to help you get back into your zen state. What’s that? You forgot that the Johnson’s are coming over for dinner, and you just opened the cannabis jars and sparked a couch-locking bowl? The house smells of your beautiful cannabis, but it is seriously pungent and overpowering. 

First thing’s first, test your ventilation. It would help if you had adequate ventilation circulating through your environment to drag all that stagnant air out of your house. It’s a similar method to when you want to air out the bathroom. Close all windows except an entry window and an exit window for proper circulation. These vents should be on opposite ends of the room or the house. Consider adding fans pointing towards the exit to support dragging fresh air through the house.

Avoid the rookie mistake of spraying chemical deodorants. It’s all about fresh fragrances, and artificial smells are a telltale sign that you’re hiding something. You want to use items that help highlight natural scents. Have oranges, limes, or lemons lying around? Bring them out and make an all-natural air freshener. Here’s a link to help you get started. Do you have any lavender plants around the house? Bring them out to more prominent and forefront areas. Like the oranges, stroke the leaves to release those natural terpenes into the air. The combination of fresh ventilated air along with the fresh, natural terpenes released will help your cannabis smell keep a low profile while the Johnsons are around, and in an inconspicuous way.

Using Citrus to Hide the Smell of Cannabis

Setup a Carbon Filter

If you’re in a place where you really need to mask the smoke smell, you may want to consider carbon filters. Carbon filters are the technology used in commercial cannabis gardens where high yields of cannabis are produced. They’re used to process the air and ventilation of the growing facility through carbon molecules, which neutralize any odors and provides odor-free air back into the environment. Cannabis facilities will typically use carbon filters to appease local businesses and to be compliant with county and state regulations. While carbon filters usually tend to be used for large environments, there are smaller and more compact sized carbon filters available for smaller settings.

Similar to placing a fan in one corner of the room for ventilation, It’s important to mention that you’ll also need a fan and some possible ducting to provide the proper setup. This venting system pulls fresh, ventilated air from one area and pushes neutralized odor-free air out to another location. Hot air rises as cold air sinks, so this is an essential factor to properly set up your ventilation system and maximize the efficiency of all the work you put into making this system happen. With a little air ventilation 101, you’ll be able to ensure that your toking environment remains smell free, no matter how much you hotbox the room.

Hiding the Smell of Cannabis Smoke

Keep it Air Tight

A sure way to mask the smell of cannabis has to be air sealed environments with sanitation and cleaning solutions. Smoke sticks to anything it can get its smoke on. For example, if you burned a bowl on that luxury glass pipe of yours, you’ll want to place that into an airtight receptacle, clean the receptacle exterior, then wash your hands with scented soap to mask any possible resin smell that may linger. This is extremely effective if you’re looking to conceal the scent of cannabis flower from people visiting your home. You may even consider a double airtight seal where you seal your cannabis in a jar, and then seal that jar inside another airtight container. Just make sure to clean the exterior to avoid any flower residues that may have stuck when you were placing your cannabis inside or touched the jar after touching the flower yourself.

Wash your Hands after smoking

Keep Clean

The last tip that we have when it comes to masking the smell of cannabis or avoiding smelling like cannabis is cleanliness. While cannabis smoke and residue do stick to hair, clothes, and just about anything it comes in contact with, it’s important to remember that cleanliness is your best friend. You may carry the smell around on your fingertips and even around your mouth and lips. Mints or a piece of gum may help with masking the smell of your breath, but it won’t help when Mary walks past you and your hair has hints of smoke. Keeping your skin clean and lotioned is an easy way to make sure that you’re not unconsciously walking around smelling like smoke or cannabis terpenes. So make sure to wash your hands, face, and body often to keep clean of the cannabis smokes and smells!


Next time you’re in a situation where you need to mask the smell of your joint from earlier in the day, try some of these tips to cover up or altogether remove cannabis smell from yourself and your home.

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 Angie McFarlane

Angie McFarlane

Cannabis Culture

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