Dabbing The Pink Runtz Strain Will Blast You With Sweet Terps

By Kush21 Staff Editor

It’s always a pleasure to see Trichome Extracts on the shelves of a Washington State dispensary. This rare and loveable brand features innovative genetics and impressively high-terpene cannabis extractions. Named after the sticky coating that makes cannabis so divine, this Tacoma-based brand focuses on quality, flavor, and strain preservation. Be sure to check out the Pink Runtz Sugar Crystals at Kush 21 Pullman for a sweet fruity confection that will satisfy your cravings and potentially blast you with a wave delightful wave of euphoria.

With the sugar crystals giving off the appearance of rock candy, the taste should not be surprising for Pink Runtz. This strain, much like its parent, gives us a tart berry flavor resembling the sour treats we used to scarf down as children. Like mint and basil, the dominant terpene in this strain is Ocimene. Ocimene is responsible for providing sweet, floral, citrus flavors and potentially strong anti-inflammatory effects for those struggling with pain.

The limited information and scarce availability of the Pink Runtz strain has sparked many conversations regarding the strain’s genetics. Rather than being another Zkittles x Gelato hybrid, like White Runtz, this strain is a phenotype of the original Runtz. Pink Runtz is a uniquely balanced hybrid, delivering on both Sativa and Indica traits. This strain might produce sedative and uplifting effects that may leave you giggling on the couch all night.

The Pink Runtz strain is an exotic cultivar that isn’t common to come across. This strain might be great for sitting at the table to create some art or laying in bed while watching your favorite movies. For the price and quality, this product is definitely worth picking up. Priced at $30 per gram, the Pink Runtz Sugar Crystals by Trichome Extracts are available at Kush 21 Pullman, as well as additional strain varieties from the brand.

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March 3, 2021

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