DJ Short Blueberry Strain: The Legend Of A Fruity West Coast Favorite

By Kush21 Staff Editor

DJ Short, A.K.A. The Willy Wonka of Pot created one of the most popular West Coast strains of a loved favorite, DJ Short Blueberry. This indica dominant hybrid strain is one of the most breathtaking to look at and a great stepping-stone for stoners who want to venture into more potent strains. The potentially heavy sedative body high, followed by mind-clearing euphoria, makes nearly everyone fall in love with this plant. It’s no wonder it won the award for Best Indica at the 2000 High Times Cannabis Cup. So, let’s explain why this strain is a straight-up winner in every category.  

Speaking of winners, the legendary DJ Short created this strain intending to potentially create blissful highs rather than heavy highs. He wanted to open neural pathways and remain joyful when smoking; he completed his signature Blueberry strain in 1981 after many attempts at this goal. The West Coast variety of Blueberry was born, attracting many stoners with its blueberry and honey sweetness. After completing his dream, he made many clones, sold them across the West Coast, and inspired many varieties and hybrids we have today.  Being highly sought after for its design, here are some of the qualities to look for when hunting for a Blueberry plant.

The DJ Short Blueberry strain is an extraordinary beauty to look at; this bud’s silvery blue and purple shades reflect all the trichomes covering them with icy white and ember hairs sprouting upward. Despite its looks, the smells distinctly remind you of real blueberries. The plant is sweet and fruity with the prominent terpene profile leaning towards Caryophyllene and Myrcene. These terps are responsible for the strong earthy notes that tag along with their signature fruity notes. If the taste doesn’t impress you, you should know this strain’s THC averages about 20% consistently, so it might get you pleasantly stoned while the terps tickle your senses.

You can currently find a potent extraction of DJ Short Blueberry’s strain by Forbidden Farms at our SeaTac location. This Blueberry Wax is flavorful and comes at a competitive price. This might be the perfect strain to start your dabbing journey if you haven’t picked up your first rig yet.

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January 16, 2021

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