Dope Industry Awards 2017

By Kush21 Staff Editor


Well, not exactly…

Nate Forman, 25, and Ashlee Esters, 28, both budtenders at Kush 21, have been nominated for Best Male and Female Budtender of the Year!

This is the 5th year DOPE Magazine has put on the Dope Industry Awards in Washington. According to, this is a formal award ceremony to celebrate and honor the best industry [cannabis] in the world and all the amazing people and companies involved in it.

The ceremony hosts more than 600 cannabis business leaders, tastemakers, and influencers and acknowledges them all for their contributions to the industry.

Forman, who is a shift lead and budtender at Kush 21, is feeling excited, happy and thrilled.

“Coming from Arizona,” Forman explained, “I never imagined working in this industry that I’d be nominated for an award!”

Esters, who has only been in the cannabis industry for a little over a month is feeling astounded.

“I’m excited and shocked all at the same time,” Esters said. “ I’m glad my hard work is being acknowledged within this industry.”

Now it’s up to you to vote! Click on the following link You can only vote once per day per nominee. So, that means vote EVERYDAY! Each vote is also email verified, so no cheating.

Winners will be announced on Sunday night, December 17th at the Seattle Design Center.

Please take the time to vote! Again, it is Nate Forman and Ashlee Esters for Best Male and Female Budtender of the Year. Help put Kush 21 on the industry map for 2017.

Congratulations Nominees!!!!

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November 13, 2017

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