Edibles: Eats, Sweets and Treats

December 9, 2018


One of the “highest” selling cannabis products at Kush 21 would be marijuana edibles. Many patrons from around the country, that don’t have the pleasure of recreational weed, travel to the Seattle area and stop for these delicious treats. For first time consumers, you probably assume the worst when it comes to edibles. Do they taste like I’m eating weed? Will this get me too high? All of these questions may swim through your mind before making the decision to try them.

Fortunately, Kush 21 budtenders will guide you through our huge list of edibles and what their effects and tastes are. So before you down 10 chocolate truffles wondering why they haven’t kicked in yet, here are a few tips when it comes to eating edibles.

First, make sure you have plenty of water to drink. Edibles are notorious for giving users serious cottonmouth and dry eyes. Drink water before you try an edible, after you’ve eaten it, while you’re high, and when you start to come down. Even without an edible, it’s just good in general to drink water. Keeping your body hydrated will make your experience go smoother than you think.

Second, don’t eat edibles on an empty stomach. Have a good, carbed-up meal prior to use. Consuming edibles on an empty stomach can increase the intensity of your high, and sometimes not in a good way. Consuming marijuana affects the body differently as opposed to smoking it. We at Kush 21 do not recommend eating them on an empty stomach especially if it is your first time. Once you’ve built a tolerance and have experienced the high, you will know how to gauge what your intake should be prior.

Third, if this is your first time, eat less than more. Start small on your edible use and gauge your highness. All Washington State approved edibles contain 10mg of THC content per treat. If you eat a 10mg candy and don’t feel anything after an hour, take another. If 20mg still hasn’t taken you to a happy place in 2 hours, take another. Don’t pop open a fresh pack of Marmas edibles and eat them all in one setting. That could give you the high that brings out Freddy and Jason-type nightmares. Every person’s body is different and reacts differently with edible usage.

If you’ve already smoked certain strains and types (i.e. indica, sativa, hybrid), you may want to stick within the guidelines of the strains that affect you the best. For example, if you’re a go-getting, upbeat, sativa smoker, you may not want to take an indica edible. When coming to Kush21, talk to your budtender about what strains work with you the best before diving into the edible world. If you haven’t consumed marijuana at all, we will steer you in the right direction. Hungry? Why wait?

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