Father’s Day Sale Gift Guide at Kush21

June 17, 2022

Happy Father’s Day and Juneteenth from all of us at Kush21! With two special holidays falling on a single day, we’re excited to announce an extra 15%-30% off selected items this Father’s Day/Juneteenth.

For the best Washington cannabis dispensary customer experience, we offer a wide selection of products at all of our locations. Some promotions are only available if you order cannabis online. Be sure to check out our online menus for the most up-to-date availability, selection, and daily deals.

Whether you’re browsing online or coming in to chat with one of our qualified budtenders, we encourage you to try something new for this Father’s Day, we’re sure they won’t be disappointed with any gift from our dispensary!

Father’s Day Gift Guide

1. Pre-Rolls

Pre-rolls are one of the most popular ways to consume cannabis flower. These might be the perfect way to power through washing the car in the driveway, hanging out of dad’s lip as he mows the lawn, or just relaxing at the end of a long day being a dad.

While Kush21 has a plethora of joints and pre-roll cannabis products available for sale, we recommend taking a look at the Purple Urkle strain from Trail Blazin. This product comes with two joints of the classic strain consisting of Granddaddy Purple x Mendocino Purps genetics that might be perfect for unwinding and relaxing. Share one with dad or let him have the whole pack.

trail blazing purple urkle pre-roll

2. Gummies

Your father likely had pot brownies back in his day, but things have changed since then. There are now a much wider variety of types of edibles that come in doses that are consistently measured. Long gone are the days of eating a brownie with the shake and stems still inside the batter, companies like Swifts are producing tasting gummies, and more.

While Washington hasn’t quite had summer weather yet, the Lemon and Orange gummies from Swifts will bring the season to your mouth. Bright, fruity flavors abound in these 1:1 CBD and THC-infused gummies.

lemon orange cannabis gummies swifts

3. THC Infused Drinks

Another emerging product that could be a unique Father’s Day gift is THC-infused beverages. If your dad isn’t a smoker but still likes to relax with cannabis, beverages are quite a way to enjoy the plant. Whether the games are on TV or sitting on the back patio, most dads are used to having a drink in hand.

Agro Couture is one of the latest companies to offer cannabis-infused “shots” (think 5-hour energy shots.) There are quite a few tasty flavors but we think dad may like the Root Beer Float flavor.

thc rootbeer agro couture

***As a reminder, We are running a Father’s Day Sale and other promotions at all 3 of our Kush21 dispensaries across Washington state and our sister store Mr. Bill’s of Buckley. Additionally, you can save 30% in-store every Tuesday and Friday at all our locations as well.

Get 20% off all online orders during Fathers Day Weekend at Kush21 Pullman and Spokane
Get 30% off all online orders this Juneteenth at Kush21 Burien/Seatac

Find out which one of our Washington pot shops is closest to you here.

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