Kush 21 has come out with their fall and winter line of clothing!

This is a whole different look than what anyone has seen before and to celebrate the new trend, Kush 21 is doing a clothing sale for the WHOLE month of February.

In the summer, the cannabis shop came out with some cute tanks for girls. They also provided awesome snapback hats, t-shirts and sweaters for all of the guests and customers to wear and enjoy the sunshine in while showing some love to their favorite cannabis recreational store.

Now, Kush 21 has even more t-shirts, sweaters and hats to bundle up in during this cold season. But, with a twist…

There are three different types of trends so that everyone has an option that fits them best—Urban, Upscale and Outdoor. It is Washington and we all know that there is fashion diversity in this state. So it works out for everyone!

There are also numbers printed on some of them, which could confuse some people. It is not a barcode or a phone number. The numbers read out 21 206 502. The 21 is for Kush 21. The 206 is meant to represent Seattle, which is where Kush 21 is located. And the 502 is for the law that was passed in Washington legalizing cannabis recreationally, I-502.

Come in during the month of February and receive 20% off of all clothing (located in the Kush & Glass Shop next door to Kush 21.) It could make a great Valentines gift for a loved one or just swag out and represent your shop!

Either way, it’s a deal you can’t miss out on.

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