Fire House Productions Serves Up Potent And Flavorful Cannabis

By Kush21 Staff Editor

At Kush 21, we love serving the state of Washington, and our Spokane location is staffed by passionate cannabis-lovers who embody our ethos. We truly care about our customers and make sure they get the best deals. But, we’re also keen on building and maintaining lasting, foundational, and awesome relationships among trustworthy brands. With family ties and affordable buds, Fire House Productions sets itself apart as a leading Washington producer. Selling throughout the state, people love the brand for their high-quality cannabis that is easy to recognize and love from the first spark. All prices listed below for products do not include tax.

Mimosa is a strain that most are familiar with that comes brimming with flavor. At Spokane’s Kush 21 you can pick up Mimosa grams for $12, quarters for $77, and half ounces for $150. This strain is a perfect choice for those looking for a fruity and floral taste that might also lend to uplifting and euphoric highs. We also carry Gorilla Glue #4 at the same price, which remains another popular strain all throughout the states. Perfect for the autumn vibes—it’s an extremely reliable strain. Fire House Production’s Animal Cookies could be the right choice to end the night with though, and maintains the same pricing. These premium flowers are grown with delicate care and master knowledge. 

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Now for those on a budget, just looking for something to grab, or in a rush, $8 two packs of pre-rolls should get your attention. At $8 a gram, Fire House Productions offer some of the dankest for the price. While Cake Crasher is an easy choice for many, newcomers to the strain will find it a delightful afternoon delight. Those looking for something a little wilder might want to look at Kandy Kush, however, as it has a bit more punch in flavor, and might spark creativity in the user.

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October 30, 2020

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