Grandpa's Breath Cannabis

Grandpa’s Breath by No B.S. Just Cannabis

By Miriam

Grandpa’s Breath by No B.S. Just Cannabis is a powerful anomaly amongst weed strains. As a chronic smoker, it is rare that I stay high for more than an episode of my favorite show, or awake if anything. However, Grandpa’s Breath gives me the sedating, heavy high needed to stay planted on my couch, with a clear-headed, focused high that allows me to actually understand and enjoy what’s in front of me.

It is a highly relaxing high that numbs you from the back of your head down your shoulders, yet is euphoric and provides a very functional mental space. A cross between Granddaddy Purple and OG Kush, Grandpa’s Breath is an Indica-dominant strain that gives out a pungent, earthy odor yet delivers a smooth, sweetly fruity taste. This clash of flavors can be anticipated with such a colorful flower, however, as it’s deep purples and oranges provide a warning for the hell of a trip you’re about to embark on.

Due to its overall widespread strength, Grandpa’s Breath is a must-try that’ll leave Sativa-lovers sprawled on the couch, India lovers mind blown, and weed lovers satisfied. It is a must-try for users with PTSD, anxiety or insomnia, as it’s sedating effects will help ease any built-up stress, leaving you in a happy mood with a clear head to relax as thou wilt. For the rest of us, it is the perfect strain for an evening wind down.

Head to Kush 21 and pick up some Grandpa’s Breath by No B.S. Just Cannabis to see for yourself!

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April 10, 2020

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