Kush21 Halloween Sale!

Sponsored By: Kush & Glass

Trick or Treat! Smell the weed…give me something dank to chief!

Halloween is right around the corner and what better way to celebrate than with Kush 21?

The store is having a spooky event that takes place on Tuesday, October 31st. It will be from noon to 10 PM and we have some special treats in store for all our customers this day.

Kush 21 will have some MAJOR DEALS happening in store only from four of our popular vendors. These vendors include Top Shelf, Mfused, Green Haven and Trail Blazin’. Guests will have a chance to meet and greet these vendors that produce some of their favorite strains of that sticky green!

Kush & Glass will be sponsoring the event and a food truck to take care of your munchie needs. Now, that’s winnin’. They will also be holding a costume giveaway. Costumes are encouraged, but not required.

Don’t be a ghost and miss out on this event. Come join Kush 21 for Halloween this year because it will be one to remember!

Happy Halloween!

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