Hella Loud Supplies WA With Exotic Strains And Competitive Prices

Hella Loud Supplies WA With Exotic Strains And Competitive Prices

By Staff

Hella Loud is one of the cannabis brands that our customers have come to rely on. From Runtz to Ice Cream Cake, this I502 producer processor stocks our Kush 21 locations with products that will leave you drooling for more. At $12-$15 a gram, these premium buds are meant for the experienced consumer looking for something hella loud. Stop by several of our locations today and end up wowed by the quality of cannabis. 

Available at Kush21 Spokane

Hella Loud’s extremely flavorful Zkittles Punch is available at our Spokane location. With one of the sweeter flavors from an exotic, Zkittles packs humulene, a hoppy terpene that balances out the fruity taste of the flower. The cultivar ends up like a sweet IPA, filled with a tropical mix of sweet fruit flavors that are balanced out by a softly bitter accent. These delicious buds are perfect for unwinding the day with a tasty buzz.

Meanwhile, Hella Loud’s King Kush Flower has hints of lavender and might provide ample relaxation. Although the high is slower to creep in, it might mature into a full-body relaxation, perfect for nodding out or catching up with a long movie. If you want a bit more pep, Gorilla Unglued might be the way to go. 

Available at Kush21 Pullman

For $15 a gram, Hella Loud’s Wedding Cake is available at Pullman. The cultivar needs little marketing as it is already one of the most represented buds on the market, but it’s an excellent and relaxing choice for most consumers. Ice Cream Cake is a bit more obscure but uses similar elements to deliver a delicious, soothing, and potentially full-body experience that leaves you wanting to cuddle, eat or pass out. Finally, Mochi Gelato is a bit more of a daytime cultivar, although it’s just as decadent as Hella Loud’s other offerings.

Available at Kush21 Burien/Seatac

Finally, you can pick up $45 eighths of No Quarter, bred by Hella Loud through combining OGKB (OG Kush Breath) with UltraViolet OG. This showstopper cultivar is sure to win over even those with veteran tolerances with its potentially deep-relaxing nature and smooth hit. 

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November 10, 2020

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