Knowmads Come To Kush 21

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The next big thing coming out of Seattle, WA is hitting up Kush 21 for the shops one year anniversary weekend.

Rap duo, the Knowmads, will be pulling a first-timer by performing at an event at a recreational cannabis shop.

“We are excited to do this event,” says Tom Wilson, also known as Cheif, which is one of the current members of the Knowmads.

Wilson and Tom Pepe were introduced to each other back in 2005 at a high school football game by one of the original members Jesse “Jester” Judd, who took part of the first album.

At this time, the group wasn’t quite the Knowmads yet. They spent a lot of time doing rap battles, even battling against one another at times.

Other than going head to head at rap events, most of their time was sent at the studio, when the Knowmads were born.

Wilson and Pepe have made the Knowmads known in the cannabis industry discussing the topic of marijuana in a lot of their lyrics.

“Our music helps break down the stigma on cannabis,” Pepe says, “by shedding a more positive light on it.”

Pepe believes that their music spreads knowledge on a lot of topics, including cannabis. The Knowmads want people to know they can still stay motivated and accomplish things while being stoned on that green goodness.

This is the first time the Knowmads have actually collabed with the cannabis industry, so of course, Kush 21 is extremely glad to host them for this anniversary weekend.

The Knowmads just wrapped up their Couch Surfin’ Tour with All Star Opera. They have recently shot a video in Los Angelos for their song “Homecoming” off of their recent album ‘Knew School.’ Also, they recently shot the video for the popular song “Smoker’s Corner” also from the same album.

They have hopes to go from doing 30 shows a year to 80 to 100 shows a year.

“Give us hot beats and we’ll make dope songs,” Wilson stated.

You can find their music on their website and on any music platform such as SoundCloud or Spotify.

Join Kush 21 and help celebrate their one year anniversary. Get a chance to meet & greet with the Knowmads and watch some live performances. The Knowmads will be visiting the shop on Saturday, October 14th from noon to 5 PM. There will also be HUGE in-store deals and vendor meet & greets during this amazing weekend. Don’t miss out!

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October 11, 2017

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