Kush21 Burien/Seatac Employee of the Month – December 2022

By Ariel Sanchez

Employee: Melanya

Month: December 2022

What Motivates you everyday? What motivates me everyday would have to definitely be the people I work with and also the customers that come in ,they usually make my day!

What is your preference of smoke? I love weed, i like rolling up fat blunts and when i’m lazy I’ll go crazy on an infused joint. But I prefer flower!

What is your favorite Brand/Strain? My favorite brand has to be Lifted “boysenberry creme brulee” it’s straight fire and my second would be “pure breath” from Fire House – Super gassy.

What does the Kush21 team mean to you? Kush21 means the world and I love everyone here. Kush21 is all about the people, the customers and always taking care of everyone.

What piece of advise would you give someone that is entering the industry? Be ready to learn and get ready to try as much as you can! It’s very important to know your strains, terpenes, companies, and their products. Also, be ready to meet amazing people, theres so many people to meet everyday and that’s the best part!

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