Lodi Dodi Strain: An Uplifting And Tropical Sativa

By Kush21 Staff Editor

Although the summer is coming to an end, at Kush 21, we know that our customers want to savor their favorite strains of the season before it’s over. One brand that will have you soaking up the warm feelings of summer is Soulshine Cannabis. The Washington brand has a wide array of strains to choose from, but one product feels a little more like summer than the rest: The Lodi Dodi strain. This unique strain may offer “lifted and loose” effects that complement warm sunny days. 

In this strain feature, we tell you everything you need to know about this tropical Sativa. 

Who is Soulshine? 

Soulshine Cannabis is an indoor cannabis brand based around the idea of conscious cannabis. The brand’s slogan is “Cannabis For A Higher Purpose,” and they stick to those words with their socially conscious practices. 

First Impressions 

Soulshine cannabis is known for their attention to detail and care when it comes to socially conscious cannabis production, and the Lodi Dodi strain is no exception. The packaging is completely compostable, recyclable, and non-wasteful. 

When it comes to the strain’s genetics, it seems that Soulshine kept the same attention to detail and care. Lodi Dodi is made up of a combination of Train wreck and Haze. The bud contains 20.63% THC and 0.05% CBD, making it a fairly potent strain. 

Smoking Experience 

Lodi Dodi carries the unique taste of tropical fruit and fresh wildflowers. With an aroma to match, this strain will have you thinking of summer the whole year-round. As far as effects, this strain has the potential to boost creativity. Users report feelings of a potential cerebral buzz followed by a mild body high. While experience is not the same for everyone, this strain will definitely complement a daytime adventure. 

To try this potentially uplifting Sativa for yourself, check out the Kush 21 online menu or stop by the shop. 

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August 23, 2021

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