Kush21 Weekly Cannabis Specials

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Dark Chocolate with Cannabis
  • Munchie Mondays
    20% Off
    Munchie Mondays happen every Monday. How it works is simple! We feature 1 brand and their products each week and knock 20% off the price! So, if you love edibles, Monday is soon going to be your favorite day of the week!
  • Top Shelf Tuesdays
    20% Off
    Top Shelf Tuesdays happens every week on Tuesday. We feature 1 high grade flower brand to highlight for the day and we take 20% off of the regular price. If you are looking for some top shelf flower for a good deal, come down on Tuesdays!
  • Waxy Wednesdays
    20% Off
    We can’t forget about you concentrate lovers! Waxy Wednesday happens every Wednesday. We highlight 1 featured concentrates brand and discount their line at 20% off. Make sure you get a chance to stock up and dab up!
  • Vape Thursdays
    20% Off
    Do you vape bro? Well, every week we pick Thursdays to highlight 1 featured vape cartridges brand and offer 20% off their line of flavors.
  • Shatterday
    20% Off
    Saturdays have been chosen to give those weekend goers a second chance to stock up on concentrates. We feature one non-vape concentrates brand and you save 20% on their selection of concentrates every Saturday.
  • Stock-Up Sunday
    20% Off
    Sundays wouldn’t be a relaxing day without the ability to get 20% off your favorite quarters, halfs & ounces! Come down any Sunday and get a discount on our full selection of flower brands!

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