Product Spotlight: Brandy Wine by Oleum Extracts

February 25, 2019


Brandy Wine by Oleum extracts is a cerebral and relaxing Indica dominant strain with a full body terpene profile that lends itself wonderfully to a relaxing day or evening without the overpowering sedative effects found in other indica dominant strains. In the concentrated form, these effects are amplified pleasantly without being overpowering.

The cerebral yet calm nature of this strain makes it approachable for lovers of sativa or indica doms and makes it the perfect choice for a consumer looking to explore new facets of cannabis as well as for someone looking for a stress relief strain without as much sedation.


Oleum is wonderfully open with their analytics which gives us a very precise window into the compilation of terpenes that comprise this full body strain.

In order, the terpenes that are most present in this genetic cross of Brandy Wine are humulene, linalool, and myrcene.

This is what provides this concentrate with its aromatic profile both in smell and taste, which, depending on the individual, ranges from a floral to tea like exhibition. This also gives Brandy Wine a lot of the medical benefits of each of these terpenes, the most notable being hunger suppression and possibly anticarcinogenic effects in Humulene, and a possible anti-epileptic link with Linalool.

These terpenes also play a role in how Brandy Wine exhibits in its psychoactive effects through the “Entourage Effect”.

Oleum Terpene Dripping

Both myrcene and linalool are thought to steer the psychoactive effect of THC towards a more calming and sedative experience with linalool, in particular, having exhibited great antidepressant and anti-anxiety traits.

These particular terpenes are part of what makes Brandy Wine a fantastic anti-anxiety or antidepressant strain for those who may have adverse reactions to therapeutic strains that may be higher in limonene or pinene; terpenes that are considered to be largely associated with more energetic strains.


Oleum’s Brandy Wine is a near perfect blend of the Three C’s of Concentrate in that it has a beautiful clear body that is rich in THC crystals. The sugar wax style consistency, dubbed honey crystal by Oleum, is extremely easy to work with and is neither too runny nor too dry.

This blend of factors makes Brandy Wine a perfect concentrate for dabbing with either a banger or pen attachment; although the nature of the concentrate and the prevalence of its terpenes make it better suited for and more enjoyable at lower temperatures.

It is not a harsh smoke in any way shape or form which can be attributed largely to Oleum’s quality craft. This also speaks to Oleum’s Brandy Wine quality as a first time dabbers concentrate or as a fulfilling smoke for the veterans among us.

Oleum Brandy Wine Smoke Image

Oleum’s take on this wonderful strain is perfect for the adventurous. Its unique profile offers up psychoactive effects that can be borderline cerebral, leaving oneself to personally determine if this experience is something that is desired in your indica.

While it has an almost heady effect, the composition of myrcene and linalool ensure that the anxiety or energy of, what we might colloquially call, a “cerebral sativa”, is not present and in fact is actually limited by this strain. This only further reiterates the point that this particular concentrate should be looked at by dabheads and dabblers for its unique experience as well as its many possible mental and physiological benefits.


This particular run of this strain tends to be on the higher end of the market in Washington State, and, while one can find less expensive alternatives to tap into the wonderful benefits of this strain, Oleum does an incredible job of cultivating a full body dab experience in all facets.

Whether it be the clear and clean smoke of the product or the unique psychoactive and medical benefits, Oleum’s Brandy Wine has a little something for everyone.

Want to pick up some Brandy Wine for yourself or check out some of the other Oleum products? Stop on by a Kush21 Premium Cannabis dispensary in Seatac, Pullman or Vashon and our friendly budtenders will get you on your way in no time or order online and skip the lines. Contact us today for more information.

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