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Product Spotlight: Fisherman by Rogue Raven Farms

By Kush21 Editor


The Three Trees line of Fisherman by Rogue Raven Farms offers a unique and affordable concentrate option for those dabbers more inclined towards what is colloquially known as cake batter or crumble varieties of oil. These concentrates tend to offer a slightly more user-friendly experience than “terp sauce” and/or “gems and juice” which can run off the dabber or shatter, or oftentimes fly out of the oil slick if too much or incorrect pressure is applied.

Fisherman by Three Trees is a unique cross of Forgetful Jonez and Phogg, two other in house crosses by Rouge Raven. This makes the strain a bit of a genetic mystery for the layman consumer. However, when consumed, this cross gives a nice added boost of energy while being hybridized enough to provide a more balanced profile than a more straight forward energetic strain such as green crack.

Rogue Raven Farms


Most people are aware that cake batters and crumbles will generally have less of an active terpene profile compared to a more saucy consistency, however, this is made up for with the ease in which batters and crumbles are used. Rogue Raven’s Fisherman exemplifies this fact with an extraordinarily easy to work with cake batter that maintains just the right level of moisture. The Three Trees line, in particular, is set at such an accessible price that anyone can take advantage of the masterful work of Rogue Raven Farms without feeling the immense financial pressure that comes with some other brands. This sets Rogue Raven apart from other farms as a company willing to push the envelope in a cannabis industry where sometimes cheaper isn’t always better. With Rogue Raven, one can feel safe in knowing that even near the end of that paycheck, quality is readily available.

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Fisherman by Three Trees provides a full experience in large part because it is clean, bright, and easy to work with. Anyone who looks at any of the strains by Three Trees will notice how bright and clean their concentrate looks. This quality at the price point provided is rare in an industry that can sometimes push cheaper products. With Three Trees you are winning on the dab rig and in the wallet. Crystals are harder to detect in crumbles and cake batters but will be revealed under a flashlight. The Fisherman, and many other concentrates of this type, hide these little gems due to the process of producing cake batter or crumble. If you look a little closer often times you will be able to see the glitter of the THC crystals revealing themselves. Give it a shot when you try the Three Trees concentrate that piques your interest.

Rogue Raven Farms


This is the perfect product for anyone looking to explore a truly unique genetic cross without breaking the bank. As a far more energetic strain, it would be recommended as a good strain to start the day with or as one to smoke in a social setting. The hybridized aspects ensure that even those more fond of indica dominant strains won’t feel overwhelmed. All in all, Rogue Raven, but especially their Three Trees line, provides a fantastic product at a price point accessible to all, making this a wonderful choice of product for the everyday smoker.

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June 24, 2019

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