Top Five Christmas Cannabis Strains

Top Five Stocking Stuffer Strains

Looking for the right strain to stuff your stoney friends’ stockings this holiday? Kush 21 can steer you in the right direction with the right amount of frost for your Winter Wonderland. Here, we’ll list the top 5 hottest new strains on the market, which will make anyone’s Christmas a lot more merry.

1 Mimosa

A strain that sounds as good as the day-drinking cocktail it’s named after, Mimosa is a cross between Clementine and Purple Punch strains, a hybrid leaning on the sativa side. Bringing you an uplifting high full of happiness and energy, but also relaxed, Mimosa works well in group settings and social gatherings. This particular strain contains a berry and citrus flavor that reminds you of your favorite drink by the poolside. The buds themselves glimmer with trichomes, making for a tasty and lasting high. Mimosa is perfect for a sunny day on the beach or a house full of like-minded stoners.

2 Do-Si-Dos

Do-Si-Dos is next on our list, which is a cross between GSC (formerly known as Girl Scout Cookies… trademark issues) and Face Off OG. Unlike the name, this indica-dominant hybrid will definitely not have you ready for line dancing at your cousin’s wedding. The green and lavender leaf bearing strain is littered with trichomes and boasts a pungent, earthy smell. After a few tokes, Do-Si-Dos hits you with that stoney feeling and then an award-winning-worthy body high afterwards. Relaxation becomes you. Do-Si-Dos is more like a slow dance to a 30 minute song.

3 White Tahoe Cookies

Another indica-dominant hybrid that will run you clean over is White Tahoe Cookies. A mix of strains, including The White, Tahoe OG, and an unknown cut of GSC, White Tahoe Cookies is a sweeter cross that has medical-grade attributes, alleviating pain, tackling anxiety, and numbing depression. This is one of the best strains to relieve you of the stresses of everyday life and is great for insomnia. White Tahoe Cookies have similar tastes and smells to it’s OG roots, but it’s flavor is compromised by it’s high.

4 Sundae Driver

We, at Kush 21, do not condone driving while high, so don’t be fooled by our next strain. Sundae Driver, an indica dominant hybrid, is a sweet blend of flavorful strains, Fruity Pebbles and Grape Pie, giving you a surprising chocolate twang. Sundae Driver is heavy on the indie side, providing instant relaxation. The intensity of the high will eventually creep on you and put you all the way in the couch, making Sundae Driver a go to for a good night’s sleep. Easier than Sunday mornings.

5 Pie Face

Although this is usually what a clown receives on circus night, Pie Face is far from a joke. An indie-dominant mix of Cherry Pie and Face Off OG, this particular strain combines both a robust cherry flavor with a heavy hash after taste. The sativa side of this strain will keep your mind clear throughout the day and engage more in uncommon conversation. Pie Face is an amazing strain that proves to work well for an active afternoon or after a long day, making each situation a breeze. Lost your appetite today? Pie Face will have you digging through your fridge looking for a pie you haven’t made yet. The balance of sativa and indica effects prove to be perfect as they also assist with migraines and depression.

No matter what your preference is, these strains are a great addition to an empty stocking this Christmas. Play someone’s Secret Stoner Santa with one of these awesome strains. Surprise your budding crush with a great gift from Kush 21.

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