The AiroPro: A Vape Battery That’s Unmatched In Quality, Durability, and Power

By Kush21 Staff Editor

Since 2017, the AiroPro vaporizer has been regarded as one of the best vape devices on the market. A 4-time Cannabis Cup winner, Airo is dedicated to providing a premium cannabis experience and continuously working towards innovation. In the eyes of Airo “no detail is too small” and they are consistently working on improving the delivery method, using the highest quality materials, and implementing the latest technologies. Say goodbye to broken batteries and bad connections, because the AiroPro will perform.

The AiroPro design was developed over a period of two years after the Airo team identified inadequacies in the vaping market. The team noticed that many vape devices were made with low-quality materials and did not have any longevity. Airo decided that their mission was to create a vape battery that would outshine every other device, completely. AiroPro was one of the first vape devices that utilized magnetic technology.

The cartridges just magnetically “click” in, giving a cleanliness and ease that a lot of vapes don’t have. The battery itself comes in a variety of colors, offering a sleek design that can easily fit in your pocket or purse. The AiroPro is activated by inhaling and has no buttons on the battery. The device vibrates on every inhale, letting us know that the device is hitting without the presence of a button. The battery also includes a ceramic atomizer, giving you a smooth hit with every draw.

In contrast to other vapes, the AiroPro is a proprietary vape device. A proprietary device is a vape device that is only compatible with cartridges that are made by the same brand. Luckily, Airo has five different cartridge series, including Live Flower, Live Resin, Strain, Artisan, and Artisan CBD, bringing something to the table for all cannabis users. Plus, all of Airo’s cartridges are high-quality CO2 extracts of fine Colorado cannabis from The Farm, in Boulder.

Be sure to check out the AiroPro, retailing for 30$ at Kush21 in Burian. While this battery sits on the more expensive side, the benefits of the AiroPro are sure to improve your vape game greatly. The AiroPro is truly a one-of-a-kind device that other brands simply can’t compete with.

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February 24, 2021

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