The Golden Pineapple Strain By Phat Panda: A Washington Legend

By Kush21 Staff Editor

Phat Panda’s Golden Pineapple strain might give you a uniquely engaging high that is difficult to replicate. As someone who smokes regularly, this is one of the only strains that might sedate the body, while potentially keeping your mind stimulated. Phat Panda is always coming through with fire strains, and Golden Pineapple is no exception. A cross between Golden Goat and Pineapple Kush, this Sativa-hybrid might leave you feeling energized and relieved.

All of Phat Panda’s products are packaged in glass jars, making it convenient for the consumer to store the cannabis. After unscrewing the lid, you’ll immediately be struck with the citrus and tropical fruit smell emanating from the dense buds. The flower is light green, covered in sticky, golden, trichomes and is covered in pale orange strands. Once you break the buds apart a little bit, you’ll get a waft of sweet and spicy pineapple.

The terpenes you taste when smoking is an earthy pineapple flavor. The flavor of this strain is comparable to a pineapple-flavored jolly rancher. After your first hit, you might slowly start to feel your body loosen up. After about 5 minutes, you might feel the full effects of the strain, completely relaxing your body. Golden Pineapple contains approximately 21% THC, making it a decently powerful strain. The best part about this strain is that it might leave your thoughts intact while being physically sedative. This might be a great strain to smoke when you’re doing something that engages your mind without being too physically strenuous, like watching a movie or writing a little bit. Golden Pineapple might also bring on some serious munchies, so this strain might be well-suited for those who struggle with appetite loss or anorexia.

This strain is potentially effective in providing a soothing body high while boosting mental creativity.  Not only is the Golden Pineapple strain incredible in flavor and effects, but it’s also cultivated by one of Washington’s most popular and well-trusted brands. Retailing at $42 per eighth, this Golden Pineapple strain is potentially perfect for daytime and nighttime use. It might give you an overall energizing yet tranquil experience. Be sure to pick up some at Kush 21 in Seatac!

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January 24, 2021

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