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With Valentines Day just around the corner we thought it would be high time to give everyone an update as to what will be happening for our Valentines Day Sales in 2019 but also provide some creative ways to spice up your holiday. Below we have outlined a few ideas but we would love to see what people end up doing so post your #Kush21 Valentines Day 2019 to Instagram for us!

Gift your Cannabis Lover a ‘Bouquet of Flowers’.

One simple yet effective idea is to utilize the large selection of great cannabis flower and create a small basket and/or bouquet of cannabis ‘flowers’ in a creative way and accompany it with a loving card or photograph. This is a cheap, yet effective and ‘handmade’ gift. Some wonderful strains that are flavorful such as Cherry Pie, Sour Kush, Forum Cookies, Snow Leopard or even the famous Pineapple Express! Most of these strains are available in 1 gram, 3.5 gram or even larger options!


Potionz Lotionz & Flow make for a wonderfully relaxing movie night!

Potionz Lotionz is a topical coconut oil based cannabis extract that is a very useful yet powerful way to dose your preferred amount of THC or CBD for the perfect movie night on the couch. The Flow CBD Gel on the other hand is a wonderful deep tissue CBD based solution for some of the day to day discomfort one may encounter. The Flow CBD Gel comes packed with  250mg CBD, 100mg THC and 25mg of THCA. There are many ways to enjoy Valentine’s Day with your favorite person and most people would say simply spending some quality time would be the best way to spend the evening!

Bath Bombs are perfect for a soothing bath to wind down with.

If you are looking for an even more relaxing evening than a lotion or smoking session can provide, the next best thing would be to get a Bath Bomb and enjoy yourself a wonderful night of THC and CBD infused bath to ease your mind and body. These also would make for wonderful gifts for your girlfriends, family or even friends!

Loads of Cannabis infused Hard Candies, Chocolates and drinks!

A bit more traditional of a solution is to gift boxes of THC infused hard candies, chews, sour candies and chocolates! Some of the more popular options include 4/20 Chocolate Bars that come in flavors such as toffee, chocolate and dark chocolate. Another great idea is to get a mixture of 100mg Panda Candies, 100mg Hot ‘THC’ Sugar or 100mg Sour Belt Candies from FlavRx, all of these would be a great way to give a cannabis infused twist to any Valentines Day!

Looking for something more tropical?  Our THC infused drinks make wonderful smoothie based drinks if mixed in with other fruits and flavors, but are also really tasty on their own, but we would really suggest the smoothie option. Just trust us on that one.

Come down and take advantage of our store wide 30% off sale and stock up!

Just to make your life a little easier we will be running a 3 Day Long Valentines Day 30% off discount from 2:00pm to 8:00pm February 12, 13 & 14th. Now you can get a wonderful gift at an even more wonderful price! The entire pot shop will be on sale during these hours so make sure you come down and check us out!

Kush21 SeaTac is located in heart of Burien, Washington and is a Recreational Cannabis Shop specializing in offering the best prices on the states best products while supporting our customers with great local loyalty programs and discounts. Come down to Kush21 SeaTac in Burien and checkout our product selection and perhaps you’ll find the perfect gift for your current or hopeful significant other. Happy Holidays! 

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