Valentine's day weed sale at kush21 in washington state

Valentine’s Day Sale: 20% Off Select Cannabis Products in Spokane & Pullman

By Kush21 Staff Editor

Our Kush 21 Spokane and Pullman dispensary locations are having a lovely Valentine’s Day sale on select cannabis products! On the 14th of February, customers can enjoy 20% off all edibles and topical products.

Whether you’re alone for the holiday or hanging with your significant other, edibles can be a great way to enhance your day or night. Additionally, topical cannabis products may help provide the relief you need to enjoy the special day. Here are some of the discounted items at Kush21 that you can appreciate this Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day Sale: 20% Off Select Cannabis Products at Kush21

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Edibles at Kush21

At all of our locations, you can pick up assorted beverages, candies, and chocolates to make Valentine’s Day a little sweeter.

You can find Ray’s Lemonade in various flavors like Dragonfruit Lemonade and Cherry Lemonade, to name a couple. They taste delicious and contain around 90-100mg of THC per bottle. Ray’s Lemonade may cause feelings of happiness, energy, and/or relaxation. You can buy this edible product for $9.60 with the 20% off discount.

Looking for sweet candy? at Kush21, we carry Flav Rainbow Belts and Watermelon Belts. The Rainbow Belts are fun and fruity; they make cannabis edibles effective and easy to use. Each Flav package comes with ten gummy belts and each individual belt is infused with 10 or 25mg of THC per belt. When it comes to having a full spectrum of flavor, no candy does it quite like Flav Rainbow Belts.

Furthermore, we also carry multiple types of THC candies. You can get a wide variety of chocolates that are perfect for Valentine’s Day. We carry Swifts Apple Crisp Truffles and Cookies n Cream Truffles in indica, hybrid, and sativa versions. Each pack comes with ten truffles and individually contains 10mg of THC each.

CANNABIS Topicals at Kush21

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If you are looking for great pain-relieving topicals, head to our Pullman or Spokane dispensaries. One way you may alleviate an area of pain is by using Polite’s Cooling Recovery Topical Stick. Topical creams have shown promising results for helping ease pain stemming from inflammation and neuropathy, such as back pain.

The Cooling Recovery Topical Stick may give the user direct and effective pain relief in the area(s) needed. It is the combination of whole-plant cannabinoids, cooling herbal extracts, and skin-nourishing emollients in a mess-free solid salve stick that can potentially make you feel moisturized and pain-free.

Washington Cannabis at Kush21

Our Washington weed shops are known for having the best selection of premium cannabis products and the best prices and deals around! We are the first cannabis dispensary in the Burien city limits. Since our inception, we have handpicked the best cannabis products – including flower, edibles, topicals, and concentrates – to bring you the best recreational weed experience Washington State can provide.

With three Washington dispensary locations – Pullman, Spokane, and Seattle – to choose from, you can select products from our large variety of exceptional cannabis products. Additionally, our knowledgeable and friendly staff can help you along the way. Visit our online menu to browse our products and order ahead; then, visit us in-store to pick up your preferred Washington cannabis products.

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February 10, 2022

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