Wedding Cake Strain: A Limitless Sweet Treat

By Kush21 Staff Editor

In the world of weed exists a finite number of strains, the various propagations of cannabis bred to achieve selected effects for a user. However, an infinitely expanding multitude of variations from different brands, farms, and growers are providing marijuana aficionados with optimal and diverse experiences. With so many options and names, it can be tricky to differentiate certain strains. That’s why at Kush 21, when we are made aware of a brand putting their own twist on an instantly recognizable name like Wedding Cake, we pay attention. 

Here’s everything you need to know about the Wedding Cake strain and our friends at From The Soil, who grow one of our favorite cuts of the cultivar we offer at our dispensary.

WhO is From The Soil?

From The Soil is a cannabis collective of growers working together to cultivate and grow hand-crafted, top-shelf products. Their name derives from their use of “living soil,” a planting material containing compost and active microbiology, resulting in Washington’s most probiotic and natural cannabis. Bringing the finest strains in the world to the PNW is of paramount importance to the good folks at From The Soil.

About The Strain

Wedding Cake is an Indica-leaning hybrid that is a genetic cross between Cherry Pie and GSC. The flavors of the two-parent strains meld deliciously, with Cherry Pie lending a tangy flavor and GSC bringing the sweetness, resulting in subtle, earthy tones throughout. 

Wedding Cake has a reputation for high potency, with a THC content ranging between 22%-25%. The cake-like frosting of trichomes that cover the dark green buds gives the strain its potency, as well as its name. The buds are also fairly dense and emit a mossy scent with hints of citrus. 

As for effects, Wedding Cake may give some people initial feelings of giddiness and euphoria, that can potentially migrate towards a sedative, relaxing body high. These effects can pair well with a limitless number of activities, including exercise, creative pursuits, and walks in nature, as well as more leisurely pastimes like resting, meditating, and tv/movie watching.

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March 30, 2021

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