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We are so pleased to be the first marijuana dispensary in the Burien city limits and the closest location to Seatac Airport since 2016!

Now with over 3 locations to choose from, we offer the best cannabis dispensary experience from top to bottom, with exceptional kush products, the largest selections of premium cannabis and our knowledgeable and friendly staff to help you along the way.

Our Kush21 team of talented budtenders is made up of cannabis industry experts, who have purchased and tested most of the products we carry. We have handpicked the best cannabis, edibles, drinks & concentrates in the entire state of Washington to bring you the best recreational marijuana experience Seattle can provide. Our weed shop is known for the best selection of premium cannabis with the cheapest prices and best deals around!

Kush21 Locations

Our Kush21 Burien location is conveniently located 5 minutes from SeaTac airport and just a mere 15 minutes from Downtown Seattle. We service all the surrounding areas from Burien, Kent, Tukwila, Des Moines, White Center, and South Seattle. We are sure to have your favorite products and brands. If not, we have a wonderful cannabis wish-list that we hold in high regard.

We also have locations in Pullman. And checkout our newest location in Spokane! 

Kush21 Perks

Before working at an I-502 store, we were all customers just like everyone else. We know what it takes to provide a premium experience and everything we do is catered towards just that.

We offer 15% off for signing up for our loyalty program and 10% off every 5th check-in.

We also offer a price match promise.

Find out more about our Specials by clicking the link below.

Vendor Days

We have some of the best daily specials and Vendor Days, where you can meet the people that created your favorite products, ask questions and get deals.

What’s not to love?

We also make sure to carry the largest selection of premium cannabis, as everyone is different so we cater to all needs from beginners to frequent flyers. Whether you like edibles, wax, hash or just good ol’ cannabis flower, we got you covered.

Check out our menu selections for each location to pre-order today.


Our team is made up of industry experts who have purchased and tested most of the products that we carry in our store. We have handpicked the best flower, edibles, drinks, cartridges & concentrates in the entire state of Washington to bring you the best recreational cannabis dispensary experience that Seattle can provide, and all within 5 minutes of the airport! So stop on by our weed shop! We are located in Burien, between Normandy Park, White Center & SeaTac. We are Burien’s 1st official Cannabis store.


We carry the very best, most proven & most renowned cannabis products in the state of Washington. We also have a large selection of cannabis friendly products and more.


We take pride in offering some of the best products in the state at the most competitive price points. We also offer a Price Matching program. If you see it, we can beat it.


Our flagship store is the absolute closest recreational marijuana dispensary to the Seatac airport. The drive is a whole 5 minutes away so you can be on your way in no time.


We have hired a staff full of friendly, outgoing, knowledgable and helpful cannabis lovers to help make your experience delightful.

Common Questions

The best recreational cannabis dispensary serving 21+ in Seattle, SeaTac, Burien, Kent, Des Moines and beyond!

Who is allowed to buy recreational cannabis?

Anyone who is 21 years or older can purchase products at our store with proper identification. Out of state customers welcome! Minors can’t go into stores or any state-licensed cannabis businesses. For further details please ask when you come to visit! Please bring a VALID identification.

Can I consume or open products at Kush21

Washington State Initiative 502 states that it is unlawful to open/consume a package of cannabis or cannabis-infused products on store premises or in view of the general public.

Can I return or exchange products?

We are not able to accept returns or exchanges of products once it has been opened or has left the store. In the event of a failed cannabis oil cartridge, bring it in, not connected to the battery, along with your receipt and we will accommodate you.

Can I take product into Seatac Airport?

No, you cannot take products into SeaTac Airport, you also should not transport anything purchased from us across the border, unless it has no cannabis or cannabis-related product inside. You can transport CLEAN glass pieces, but no cannabis.

Where can I learn more?

The WLACB has a website where you can do a lot more about cannabis and cannabis-related laws. Please visit lcb.wa.gov to learn more.

Do you accept credit and/or debit cards?

We accept cash but there are also multiple ATMs on site for anyone who would like to withdraw cash.

What is the maximum purchasable amount?

In Washington State, persons with valid I.D. that are 21 and older can possess any combination of one ounce of cannabis, 16 ounces of cannabis-infused product in solid form, or 72 ounces in liquid form.

What are acceptable forms of identification?

A driver’s license, instruction permit, or identification card from any state, province of Canada, a U.S. territory, Washington D.C., or ID card issued by a Washington state department of licensing, a U.S. armed forces ID, Passport, Merchant Marine ID, or a government-issued Indian Tribal ID card from Washington. An expired ID can NOT be used to verify age.

What is THC?

THC is the psychoactive cannabinoid in cannabis. THC is the primary chemical that ‘gets you high’. Different cannabis strains & batches contain various levels of THC and other cannabinoids, which are chemical compounds found in cannabis that affect neurotransmitters in your brain.



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Our customers love us!

Super convenient considering there is not much around and super nice friendly place. Don’t feel rushed like at most other places.

Leafly User

I love the location. Now I don’t have to travel so far. The service is great. They always seem to have great specials and discounts are always available. Staff is awesome and friendly and courteous and they’re very knowledgeable about the product top-notch in my book.

Leafly User

I was lucky enough to find this dispensary on their second opening day. I fell in love with amazing products and prices to match. I can’t imagine taking my business elsewhere. Oh, and not to mention super close to home. Thanks, guys!

Leafly User

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