Cannabis Travel Information – SeaTac Airport & Surrounding Areas

Are you visiting Seattle and don’t know your way around? Or where to get lunch? We’ve gathered some information to make your visit efficient and to help you have a better time in the lovely pacific northwest.

Looking for driving directions from the Airport to our Shop? Here is a quick link for you: Google Maps

SeaTac Airport to Kush 21 Directions

Great Local Places to Eat:

We’ve gathered a list of our favorite places to eat and added in some of the local favorites to create a wonderful list of great places to grub in and around SeaTac, Burien, Whitecenter, Renton & Downtown Seattle.

Convenient Places to Stay:

Looking for a great local place get a room for the weekend? We’ve also got a list for that! We are conveniantly located next to the Hotel District by SeaTac Airport, a few minutes from Southcenter Mall and 15 minutes from downtown Seattle! All of which have alot of options of great places to rest.