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August 8, 2023

Tired of paying full price for weed? We get it! Life is expensive…but stocking up on your favorite products doesn’t have to break the bank. Download the Kush 21 (K21) App, and save instantly! Through our rewards app, you gain access to discounts reserved for our loyal customers – including a different 35% off weed sale every day at our Washington dispensary locations.  

With the Kush 21 App, you can get huge discounts on a range of popular products, from brands you know and love. As an added bonus, When you download our KUSH 21 APP, you get an instant 1000 points added to your account! The K21 App makes ordering cannabis online easier than ever.  Interested in learning more? Download the app or check out these FAQs for more info. 

Note from the pros: If you’re struggling to download the Kush21 Rewards App, stop in-store (or fill out this form) and any of our highly trained budtenders can help you opt into our loyalty by giving us your cell phone.

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