Employee of the month June 2022 @ KUSH21 pULLMAN

By Ariel Sanchez

Andy is our June employee of the month – June 2022

As budtenders, it’s our responsibility to stay aware and on top of the world of Cannabis— it’s uses, and it’s history. A lot of people come through those doors. Each of them have a unique perspective they bring with them, and lot of them experienced very real persecution. Most are aware of how fresh this side of the industry is, and feel real growing pains. Every one of those experiences helps bridge the gap between our knowledge and their needs. Kush 21 Pullman really encourages bringing your perspective and experiences to the table, and to really give the extra mile. The bonds we make are proof of the payoff. 

I’ve found a favorite in Plaid Jacket’s Miracle Alien Cookies. A lot of my smoking is supplemental to things I have in place already for dealing with chronic PTSD. Depression has always been the killer symptom for me, and a bit of, frosty, plush bud (or even a couple hits of their infused pre-rolls) helps me think clearly enough to get me to a place that feels comfortable and in control. MAC is known for its ability to alleviate some symptoms associated with depression, so I’ve tried quite a few farms in an attempt to see what suits me right. Plaid Jacket reigns supreme.

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July 11, 2022

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