Kush21 Pullman Employee of The Month December 2022

By Ariel Sanchez

Employee of the Month: Bryana

Tell us about yourself/ What do you enjoy outside of work?

I honestly love to go on any type of adventure! (Even if it’s to the grocery store xD) Before my ankle
reconstruction surgery, I loved to go hiking or just be out in the woods with my friends any chance I could to
explore the beauty of the outdoors, but sadly I am bound to light activities for now. Which mostly include
singing, art, and baking! 🙂

What’s your favorite product and brand?

I have been loving SubX’s flower, Plaid Jacket’s concentrate, and Green Revolution’s Doozie’s!

What is your preferred smoking method? Why?

My favorite way to consume would have to be a nice fat dab… The reason being is because I really like how
it just hits me in my dome and leaves me super stoney!

What is your go-to “munchie” snack?

Dry cereal xD (usually Chex or Life)

What is your favorite part of working at Kush 21?

I absolutely love my coworkers and the atmosphere of just being here. Being in this environment and around
cannabis, which is something I’ve always been passionate about, just makes my days so much brighter.

What is a “fun fact” about you?

I auditioned for American Idol in 2014 and it was such an amazing experience!!

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