3 Washington Brands Are Giving Back

June 8, 2022

As legalization continues to spread, we are seeing more brands than ever hit the dispensary shelves. When there are this many cannabis companies to choose from it can be hard to know which brands are worth the hype. Our team consists of industry experts who have researched and tested our inventory to ensure we handpick the best flower, edibles, drinks, cartridges, and concentrates from reputable brands across the state. Check out these three (3) Washington brands that are working to fight the stigma while giving back to the community. 

3 Cannabis Brands That Are Giving Back At Kush 21

Art Cannabis

Art Cannabis combines two of our favorite things: art and cannabis. They feature local art on their packaging with the goal of using art to promote the normalization of cannabis consumption. They build deep and lasting relationships with their artists and have been able to curate a vast library of impressively captivating pieces of art. In addition to supporting local artists, Art Cannabis supports small Washington producers by giving them an outlet to showcase their craft. 


Cormorant makes some of the most delicious edibles on the market and are the only Washington producer making cannabis-infused sorbet. In addition to providing decadent edibles, Cormorant is also passionate about preserving our oceans. 10% of their profits are donated toward the study and preservation of marine animals and their ecosystems. 


From its inception, Soulshine Cannabis has strived to be a socially conscious brand. They offer consumers a variety of strains that come in packaging you can be proud of. Each of their products is housed in a container that is made of 100% recyclable cardboard, has a fully compostable window, and is printed with vegetable-based inks. As an added bonus, all materials are sourced from sustainable Pacific Northwest forests and a percentage of all retail sales is donated to pet rescue and welfare.

Our inventory is ever-changing! Stay up to date with our latest menu (pre-order available for in-store pickup) or visit us at the shop to chat with a knowledgeable budtender. 


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