Fairwinds Flow Gel

Fairwind’s Flow Gel: CBD Topicals and Pain Relief

By Ethan Bresner


My body hurts a lot of the time. I’ve worked in the service industry for most of my life. What that means is that I’ve taken a lot of over the counter pain killers throughout my life. Sore feet and backaches are just a part of my standard day. There are a lot of folks like that out there. Whether it’s because you’re a runner or a food runner, life is exhausting and sometimes our bodies don’t like the things we do to them.

While I certainly will not diminish the purpose of over the counter anti-inflammatories, nor will I point you to the almost limitless examples of their sometimes negative effects caused by overuse (you have google I would imagine), I will say that in my personal experience, taking 1600 mg of ibuprofen a day, is for sure not good for you.

Service Industry aches and pains


Prior to discovering Fairwind’s Flow Gel though, that’s what I did. For years. I can honestly say I almost never take anti-inflammatories for standard daily pain anymore. That certainly might not be everyone’s experience, but it is absolutely mine. My basic opinion is that the less pharmaceutical drugs I take on a regular basis, the better off I am. It’s what my body tells me. Yours may be different, but hey, this is a cannabis-blog post, not an academic journal so I get to say things like that.


My feet and back especially hurt a lot of the time. I’ve been working in restaurants and bars since I was 15, and that’s a lot of time to spend on your feet. At one of those positions, I slipped a disc in my back. Pretty much everyone with a back injury will tell you, once your back is a little janky, it never really goes all the way back. I’ve tried a lot of things for pain relief: acupuncture, massage, exercising, not exercising, bed rest, long walks, icy hot, every anti-inflammatory known to man, turmeric extract, even opioids under the care of a doctor.

I will say, that pretty much none of those strategies were effective long-term for me. Even the ones that worked were often hard to practice regularly or expensive (or both). Even the over the counter stuff adds up. I suppose if you’re more responsible than me, you buy your ibuprofen on-line but more often than not I was buying them at the corner store where they were wildly expensive because I had just run out and my back was killing me.


So one day I was at the pot shop and I was talking to the budtender. He asked me how I was doing, I told him my back was killing me, and he recommended I give Fairwind’s Flow Gel a try. The price tag seemed kind of high to me, but that was because I had no idea a) how effective it was and b) how long that little jar would last me.

The texture on it is a little sticky but not too bad. I certainly wouldn’t want to put it on my face or anything but on my back or my feet or whatever else old man hurt I have at the moment, it’s just fine.

And then the miracle hit. About five minutes later, my back just didn’t hurt. I mean don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t like I was floating or anything, but the pain relief provided was easily that of 800 mg worth of ibuprofen, but honestly probably a lot more. And unlike using opioids, I felt unaffected.

It wasn’t like the pain didn’t bother me, there just wasn’t any. I started using the ointment pretty regularly on whatever my aches and pains were. I found that even using the product daily, one jar lasted me easily a month, and these days even longer. You don’t really need much. I do find it more effective when I really massage the ointment into the affected area as opposed to just kind of smearing it on.

Topicals for Pain


They sell it at all three Kush 21 stores! Priced at either 40$ – $45 depending on which Kush 21 location you go to. It may seem like a lot to spend on pain relief, but it’s honestly as cheap as buying medicine over the counter and much cheaper than paying someone to stick needles in you or rub your back.

There aren’t many products that I’ll say this about: but this particular product changed my life. I went from someone who was in relatively large amounts of pain on an almost daily basis to someone who was not. I literally used CBD products (including this one) as my primary form of pain relief medication after a ligament surgery where I had to have screws put in my hand. It’s that effective.

So if you’re tired of hurting all the time, you’re in luck. A little dab will do you, and it will do you just fine.

For more info on what topicals can do for you check out this post: CANNABIS TOPICALS: A SMOOTH TRANSITION and stop into Kush21 to find the one that’s right for you!

*All information, content, and material of this website is for informational purposes only and are not intended to serve as a substitute for the consultation, diagnosis, and/or medical treatment of a qualified physician or healthcare provider.

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August 23, 2019

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