Freddy’s Fuego “The Hunt” Is Back On At Kush 21

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Like humans, each individual cannabis plant has a slightly different personality that is influenced by its genetic lineage and environment. This explains why, depending on the grower, your favorite strain can look and feel slightly different. In short, each plant (or phenotype) has a distinct collection of traits that vary from other versions of the same strain. Through research and development, growers can look for (and continuously produce) specific and desirable characteristics that are unique to their distinctive and carefully curated cultivars. Freddy’s Fuego’s strain library is the result of rigorous and calculated research and development through pheno hunting with “The Hunt.” 

In regard to cannabis, pheno hunting is the process of selecting unique phenotypes of a specific cannabis plant for mass production. With “The Hunt,” the team at Freddy’s Fuego can test out a variety of potential cultivars to identify high-quality strains to add to their lineup. While they pheno-hunt, Freddy’s looks for strains that produce exceptional traits – like cannabinoid ratio and potency, terpene quality, resin production, weight, flavor, aroma, and appearance – so they can develop products that stand out in Washington’s oversaturated market.  

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About “The Hunt” From Freddy’s Fuego

It’s that time again… “The Hunt,” by Freddy’s Fuego, is on! Every year this popular cannabis producer from Washington gives the community a chance to vote and give feedback on upcoming releases for their top-shelf “Freddy’s Finest” line. After spending the year carefully popping seeds from elite breeders from across the world, the pros at Freddy’s bring small-batches of their favorite new phenotypes to the public for a test run – ultimately narrowing down their selections to one winning strain based on customer feedback. After all, only the best can be accepted into the ranks of “Freddy’s Finest.”  

With Freddy’s, you can always expect a flower-first approach. But you don’t have to take our word for it. Ben Davis – Founder and Owner of Freddy’s Fuego – had this to say about their operation:

“For us, genetics is the number one thing that we focus on, and it’s always flower first. We’ve been doing pheno-hunts and in-house breeding projects since the beginning. I think a lot of other companies are catching on and realizing you need quality flower and genetics as the foundation to be successful in this industry – [pheno-hunting] is something we’ve been doing since day one.”

Pheno hunting or selecting the best phenotype of a cultivar to breed at scale, is the foundation of the Freddy’s Fuego brand – and is still a core component of the company today. Twice a year, the team brings “The Hunt” to the people – and each time, over 500 seeds are popped to bring a selection of different genetics to market! These small-batch harvests are bagged in limited-edition packaging that features a QR code, which leads to “The Hunt Scorecard.” This digital form allows Freddy’s fans to submit feedback on any test-batch they can get their hands on. Categories for feedback cover strain appearance, aroma, flavor, and overall experience. When “The Hunt” is over, the Freddy’s team uses the feedback gathered to narrow down the strain list and to determine which strains will be grown and sold the following year. 

Fresh drops from Freddy’s Fuego usually fly off our dispensary shelves thanks to their bag appeal, potency, smooth smoke, and tantalizing terps. Whether you smoke, vape, or dab – Freddy’s has you covered with some of the finest products you can get your hands on! Pre-order from our online menu today, or stop in store for personalized recommendations from our expert staff. 

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April 25, 2023

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