how to avoid chazzing your banger

How to Avoid Chazzing Your Banger

By Kush21 Staff Editor

Dabbing cannabis oil through a rig comes with some maintenance for the best vaporizing experience. Whether you have a high-end or cheap banger (the bowl-like piece that is heated up and vaporizes the oil), it will chazz if you don’t use the right practices.

What is Chazzing?

Chazzing refers to a burnt black layer inside the banger when exposed to an excess amount of heat for an extended period of time. The discoloration indicates that you may be taking dabs at too high of a temperature, and also can happen when the banger is not cleaned often enough. When oil builds up after each dab and the torch continues to burn any reclaim left behind, your banger is bound to get chazzed.

avoid chazzing banger
how to avoid chazzing banger

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How to Prevent Chazzing Your Banger

First, it is important to take dabs at the right temperature. When dropping a dab into a banger that’s too hot, the chazzing effect will occur. To prevent this, take dabs at a lower temperature by waiting longer before dropping the dab into the hot banger. A standard dabbing temperature is 545-570F, while a low-temp dab is 400-500F; anything higher than that makes chazzing more likely to occur.

You can use temperature gun devices that detect the temperature, such as the Terpometer or the Pocket Temper by Official DabTray. Or you can use the old-fashioned method— counting up to 30 seconds while heating it and then letting it cool for 20-40 seconds. This may vary depending on the thickness and material of your banger.

Next, cleaning your banger after each use is a must to prevent chazzing. The best way to clean a banger is using Q-tips and isopropyl alcohol. If your temperature wasn’t too high, there should be a little concentrate residue left behind after dabbing. You can easily wipe this out with a Q-tip while the banger is still hot. If needed, you can add isopropyl alcohol to the Q-tip to help get the rest.

If you don’t clean your banger after each dab, residue will build up which will get roasted every time you heat it up thereafter. This causes the chazzing effect.

How to Clean a Chazzed Banger

If your banger is already chazzed, you can usually get off the burnt oil by using isopropyl alcohol, salt, Q-tips, and a torch. First, soak the banger in a bag of alcohol and salt, then give it a good shake. Let it soak in the bag overnight. Then, rinse the banger with warm water and scrape off any extra residue.

Whatever is left should be able to be burnt off with a torch. Torch the whole banger to a red hot temperature around 600-800F. Lastly, wipe any remaining residue with an alcohol soaked Q-tip. Repeat this process if needed.

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