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Jealousy Strain Is Giggly And Soothing For The Soul

By Kush21 Staff Editor

Jealousy is a well-known and loved cannabis strain, invented by Seed Junky Genetics. It is a hybrid strain that flowers in about two months when grown indoors, or in early October when grown outside. Over time, Jealousy appears as multi-colored medium-sized plants with vibrant green, orange, purple and yellow-hued nugs. You can find them on our Kush 21 menu or in-store in our Seattle locations.

Continue reading to learn more about this strain’s lineage, taste, and more.

Jealousy Strain by Seed Junky Genetics

The balanced hybrid Jealousy strain is made from a Cookies’ Gelato 41 and Sherbet backcross combo. Gelato #41 is made of Sherbet and Thin Mint Cookies strains, delivering a heavy-hitting smoke. That combined with Sherbet, the product of GSC and Pink Panties creates a strain that offers potential stress, anxiety, and depression relief.

Effects & Taste

When smoking the Jealousy strain, it may remind you of eating creamy candy and gelato with a hint of diesel. This may be because a high amount of peppery caryophyllene, citrusy limonene, and herbal myrcene terpenes can be found within the bud. The presence of these terpenes not only adds to the flavor and effect of the strain, but they can also have other health benefits, like caryophyllene’s anti-inflammatory properties.

You may also find that Jealousy is an energizing and giggly strain that may be good for relaxation, as it is mainly known for its stress-relieving characteristics. Moreover, medical marijuana patients report using it for anxiety or during overwhelming periods of life.

Jealousy Strain User Reviews

Leafly reviewers report that the Jealousy strain provides an “ooey-gooey honey butter cake of positivity” and a dreamlike state of being. However, this strain may not be the best choice if discretion is a priority because of its pungent smoke. Ultimately, Jealousy is a powerful and enjoyable strain, providing stress relief, relaxation, and a boost of energy.

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