September 7, 2023

Kush21 Buckley Employee of the Month: Jerry!

  1. Which strain do you prefer and for what reasons?
    I tend to gravitate towards strains that offer medical relief during painful episodes and those with higher potency during stressful times.
  2. How do you prefer consuming cannabis?
    I find using a pipe and packing a bowl to be my preferred method of consumption.
  3. What are your hobbies outside your job at Kush21 Buckley?
    I love taking my motorcycle out for a spin and spending quality time with my wife, Joan.
  4. What would you share with someone unfamiliar with cannabis?
    Give it a chance! The medicinal advantages are remarkable!
  5. Which brand stands out to you in our Kush21 Buckley store?
    I’m quite fond of Mfused vapes; they’re really convenient.

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Budtender of the Month


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Employee Of The Month – Pullman

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Employee Of The Month – Pullman

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