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No matter if you know how you want to feel or are up for anything when trying a new THC-infused product, you won’t be disappointed by Miss Grass cannabis. According to their website, the company has a very close relationship with the brand’s cultivators; together, the companies produce sustainable and terpene-rich cannabis, consistently delivering “the same terpene and cannabinoid profiles batch-to-batch.”

Continue reading to learn more about the Miss Grass products, raved about on Forbes, The New York Times, and Rolling Stone alike.

miss grass cannabis

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Miss Grass Cannabis

Miss Grass is a widely known, women-owned cannabis shop, set out to enhance the best times of your life. While the company retails in California, Nevada, Massachusetts, New Jersey, and Illinois, when you want to shop with the best, you can find Miss Grass products and more, at the Kush 21 dispensary in Jacksonville, IL.

Smoke Categories: Fast, Quiet and All times

With products sorted by mood, Miss Grass makes it easy to fill your desires. Created to help you influence your day, your way, the categories are the Fast Times, Quiet Times and All Times. In the Fast Times category, you will find sativa strains in flower, and a variety of joint-like forms, that may keep you up, social and playful. Additionally, the Quiet Times variety is made up of indica strains in the same style of offerings, that are made to anchor and restore you. Finally, the All Times products are hybrid in nature, potentially inspiring harmony and flow, and also can be purchased as their Slims, Minis, Sparks, and an 8th or half-ounce of loose flower.

However, regardless of category, you have two options for joints purchased under the Miss Grass umbrella: Diamond-infused and non-infused. A non-infused joint will typically have less THC than a Diamond-infused one. For instance, the Fast Times Sparks non-infused version has 30-35% THC and 0-1% CBD, while the Diamond-infused joint has a whopping 41-43% THC level and 0-1% CBD.

miss grass

If you are ever curious about the terpene content of your desired product, you can check out the Miss Grass website directly for information on all product offerings or the Kush 21 website for info for Miss Grass and several more dope products to check out on shelves near you.

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April 3, 2023

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