Wheres My Bike Cannabis Strain Cartridge. WMB?

Where’s My Bike? Strain + Cartridge Spotlight

WMB? strain info

  • Dropped our first run of flower into the market on August 1 and randomly decided to enter it into Dope Cup 3 days prior and we picked up 2nd Place for Best Sungrown Sativa Dom Flower!
  • Biker Kush x Amnesia Hazee
  • While a predominantly sativa cross, it avoids the negative anxiety and paranoia brought on by other strong sativas through a healthy balance of terpenes and secondary cannabinoids, such as CBG.
  • WMB? has the highest CBG content consistently found in mature flower, at about a 1:7 ratio with the THC content.
  • High terpinolene content gives it a pungent, strong flavor and the beta myrcene rounds it off with a sweet smoothness that gives it a full body high.
  • WMB? flower vs extraction terp analysis
  • I’d say we are pretty spot on with our CO2 method of keeping this straight terpy
  • With this product line we have created an oil that tastes, smokes, and feels as close to flower as possible

What does HTFSE stand for?

  • HTFSE stands for High Terpene Full Spectrum Extract. We call it this because we extract the full range of cannabinoids and terpenes found in the plant while retaining and concentrating the number of terpenes present

Why is HTFSE cloudy or opaque?

  • We choose not to winterize our HTFSE products and expose them to harsh solvents that can break down delicate terpenes and leave residual traces behind

What makes it unique?

  • By leaving our extracts raw, each strain is incredibly unique both in flavor and experience.
  • All of our flower is supplied by Landrace Farms, where it is grown all naturally with no chemicals or pesticides. These cartridges deliver the same delicious flower taste and uplifting experience, but with more discretion, convenience, and ease.


A True Flower Experience in a Cartridge

45-55% Total Cannabinoid Content 10-20% Terpene Content *dependent on strain

Want to educate customers?

HTFSE Cartridges are the PERFECT opportunity

Whenever a customer asks about Terpenes and how they work, we want the first thing they see to be an HTFSE cartridge from us.

Each strain has a unique flavor and terpene profile that will affect their high experience. Combined with the terpene data we provide on our labels, customers will be able to learn what terpene ratios they like the most.

Make sure you come down to the Kush21 weed shop right by Seatac Airport in Burien and pick up your own WMB? cartridge. And while you’re here check out all the other cannabis products we carry in our dispensary; edibles, pre-rolls, flower and so much more!

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