A Stoner's Guide to Spring Cleaning

A Stoners Guide to Spring Cleaning During COVID-19

By Angie Mcfarlane

Spring has sprung and the season is changing. With these long days ahead of us during the COVID-19 shutdowns, many of us look to clean out, refresh, and improve our lives to keep us occupied. Sure it starts with small cleaning acts but soon enough it turns into a rampage to get everything in tip-top shape. Is it the fresh sunshine, casting shadows on the dust? Is it the super stoned hyper-focus zoning in finally? Or maybe it’s just time for some pruning to strengthen our personal growth?

Whatever the reason – we have some suggestions to make any ol’ lazy Sunday into a Spring Cleaning extravaganza! Mellow out with some delicious flower, use some of our techniques to enhance your cleaning, all the while heightening your spiritual level!

The Stoner Spot


Everyone calls it something different – pot spot, stash corner, nug jug, treasure chest, chief station, and so on, you smell the picture. No matter what you call it, it is there to store your goods and keep the fun times rolling.

Here are our cleaning suggestions for your cannabis corner:

  • Organizing by usage: Products you use often should be accessible, simplified, and organized by having them grouped together in a portable box that can travel room to room with you. Products not used often can be stored in beautiful displays using vertical space (check out hidden vertical storage ideas on.
  • Organizing by commonality: Keep glass stored with glass, flower with flower, papers with papers, and lighters with lighters. This way you always know where things are and have it easily accessible when you forget where that dang lighter went.
  • Use household products: Keep bobby pins in a toothpick or Tic-Tac jar for clearing used bowls. Use a dime or quarter in a pill bottle as an impromptu grinder. Stack lighters, pipes, and jays in a lipstick organizer.

Suggested Weed Pairing: Blue Dream [Sativa leaning] | Blue Dream is just that… a dream! This slightly Sativa leaning cannabis brings a surge of cerebral high focus partnered with that blazing motivation and heightened attentiveness. Common effects are creative, euphoric, energetic, and relaxed, which will leave you sparked up and ready to tackle any cleaning chore! Give Top Shelf’s Blue Dream cartridge a try.

Sea Salt for Bongs


Hop in the bath with your bong! Ok ok just kidding. But we actually wanted to tell you our super-secret formula (actually not so secret, hello google, but not many know about the whole process).

Check out this formula for sparkling clean NON-smelling bongs:

Ingredients: Sea Salt, Isopropyl Alcohol, Baking Soda, White Vinegar

  • Empty out the old bong water, pour Isopropyl Alcohol into the bong, then add coarse sea salt. Coarse sea salt is key because the bigger the grains of salt, the faster it will work cleaning off all that gunk around the sides.
  • Cover the openings with your hands or plastic bags tied with rubber bands, and shake the salt inside the bong. This will grate the debris, resin, and other gunk free.
  • Flush the dirty bong water down the toilet. If you put it down the sink, it will make another mess for you to clean, and may clog it up. Repeat if necessary.
  • Add white vinegar to the bong and pour in baking soda.
  • Cover the openings with your hands or plastic bags tied with rubber bands, and shake the mixture inside the bong. Repeat as desired. This will reduce the resin smell and leave your glass smelling like a brand new piece!

If your bong allows, add ice in the shaft for a well deserving smooth, relaxing hit.

Weed Pairing: White Widow [Hybrid] | White Widow is a beautiful hybrid mix, it gets its name from “the POTENT white crystals that dot its bud and leaves” (Ganjapreneur). This buzzing hybrid gives you the focus to get your cleaning pumped out and sparkling clean, with the daze that makes the process fly by!

Mason Jars for Cannabis


We’ve all had that moment where we go out and about and suddenly realize – where am I going to put my weed?! Sometimes the heavy smell is a beautiful bliss to come home to after a long day, and sometimes it is a pungent odor we do not want preceding our arrival. Having smell and dank proof containers is a sure fire way to keep organization on par and your bud (and you!!) smelling fresher than ever.

  • Store products that are for special occasions in reusable containers, many you can find around your house. You can even upcycle recycle what you’re using today! Some storage you may already have at home like used Tupperware, old glass jars (One Good Thing has some rad ideas on general storage), emptied spice bottles, and silverware holders for organizing all your cannabis, glass, and accessories.
  • If you prefer to keep your stash mobile, check out Heavy for on-the-go stash container ideas! Even in transport from room to room around the home, it is important to keep your weed properly balanced. Too much or too little moisture can ruin the potency and effects of your strain.

Weed PairingSuper Lemon Haze [Sativa dominant hybrid] | This aromatic head-focused strain will bring your socialization and energy levels back up while illuminating “intense happiness” and its zesty flavor will bring some ping in your step. With your bud securely packed away, you can be reassured your smile will be the first thing people notice and not the smell. Give Cotton Mouth’s 2g prerolls a go!


Now that your stoner space is tidied up and organized, fill up that bong with ice or light up that pre-roll and relax from a hard day’s work.

Angie Mcfarlane

Cannabis Culture writer for Kush21

*All information, content, and material of this website is for informational purposes only and are not intended to serve as a substitute for the consultation, diagnosis, and/or medical treatment of a qualified physician or healthcare provider.

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April 3, 2020

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