Avitas Grown Cannabis: Flavor oVer Everything

Avitas Grown Cannabis: Flavor Over Everything

By Kush21 Staff Editor

Avitas Grown, commonly referred to as Avitas, is a producer/processor that aims to provide consistently enjoyable craft cannabis products to the recreational market. The team at Avitas works hard to cultivate high-quality, pesticide-free cannabis products.

In addition to crafting premium cannabis products, Avitas has also made a commitment to decreasing its environmental impact by reducing its use of nonrenewable resourcing. Their love for the community doesn’t stop there, a percentage of their profits are also donated to socially progressive and charitable organizations.

Avitas is on a mission to make cannabis accessible in Washington and beyond. After establishing itself in the local market, Avitas began expanding to other legal states and is now recognized as a sustainable powerhouse in the industry. 

Avitas Products

Products from Avitas provide elevated experiences for consumers. Avitas strives to provide quality cannabis for every budget and offers consumers a range of items including flower, pre-rolls, dab concentrates, and vape cartridges. These premium products are cultivated using proprietary (and all-natural) growing techniques and often offer powerful aromatic profiles. 

Craft Cannabis Flower


The premium flower cultivated by Avitas is trimmed and packaged in-house with care. Avitas offers a variety of strains that have been developed to provide unique experiences that range from calming to uplifting. Flower from this brand comes in a variety of potencies, allowing customers of all tolerance levels to find the right strain to meet their needs. To see the full range of Avitas flower in stock now, or to place a pre-order, visit our online menu here.

Premium Pre-Filled Cartridges 

Avitas offers pre-filled vape cartridges (510 thread and PAX Pods) filled with premium live resin or CO2 oil. These products provide a clean, convenient and discreet way to enjoy your favorite Avitas strains. Avitas cartridges are strain-specific and crafted in small batches to maintain high levels of clarity and purity. The full-spectrum oil processed by Avitas captures the natural cannabinoids and terpenes of each strain so customers can enjoy the purest vaping experience possible. 

Full Flower Pre-Rolled Joints 

Avitas offers .5g pre-rolls to consumers that are rolled with premium flower. These premium pre-rolls promise to contain high-quality buds and are rolled in unbleached natural rice paper. These joints are designed to burn consistently while providing optimal flavor and come conveniently packed in individual servings that come at an affordable price. 

Additive-Free Concentrates 

Avitas cartridges became so popular the brand decided to branch out into loose concentrates as well. Avitas rosin is perfect for dabbing or topping with your favorite flower for a heightened experience. This rosin is processed without solvents to produce a concentrate that is high in cannabinoids and terpenes.

Find Avitas At Kush21 

Customers rely on Avitas to produce consistently clean flower and concentrates that have light and flavorful terpene profiles. Year after year, the research team at Avitas goes above and beyond to create products that improve upon their predecessors. Avitas growers choose strains based on customer feedback, flavors, aromas, and cannabinoid profiles and develop in-house phenos to bring out specific characteristics unique to this farm. You can find a rotation of Avitas products at any of our dispensary locations across Washington state in Burien/SEATAC, PullmanSpokane, and Buckley


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