Dolato Strain: A Fresh & Fruity Indica

Dolato Strain: A Fresh & Fruity Indica

By Kush21 Staff Editor

Dolato is a potent indica strain, containing around 20% THC, that is fun to say and delicious to smoke. Also known as “Do-Si-Lato” and “Dosi-Lato,” the strain gets its name from crossing Gelato 41 and the 2021 strain of the year, Do-Si-Dos.

Continue reading to learn more about this strain’s appearance, effects, genetics, lineage, and more.

Dolato strain By True Genetics

This indica-dominant hybrid strain is covered in frosty trichomes and vibrant colors like reddish-purple, bright orange, light green, and dark green. Additionally, Dolato has a freshly plucked fruity and earthy scent followed by a lavender taste.

dolato strain
dolato strain

Image via Gelato Souvenirs

Dolato Strain Effects & Terpenes

Furthermore, this strain may be good for relaxation, as it is mainly known for its potential stress and anxiety-relieving characteristics. Moreover, around 25% of Leafly reviewers report using it for pain or sleep as well. 

The most abundant terpene in Dolato is limonene, commonly found in oranges, lemons, and limes. It is a citrusy terpene that is often used to treat obesity, cancer, and bronchitis because it may provide stress reduction, and weight loss, and possibly help fight cancer. Additionally, limonene is used in strains, foods, beverages, and chewing gum, because of its citrus flavor. Other terpenes within Dolato include peppery caryophyllene and floral linalool which also add to the flavor and potentially calming effects of the strain.

dolato strain
dolato strain

Lineage & Genetics

When the potent Gelato #41 and Dosidos hybrid strains were crossbred, it created a beloved indica-dominant hybrid. While Gelato #41, made of Sherbert and Thin Mint Cookies strains, may provide the strain with a heavy-hitting smoke, Dosidos, the product of OGKB and Face Off OG, may lend its sweet relief. Combining the potential stress and anxiety relief from Dosidos and Gelato #41, you might get an equally if not more relaxing high from the Dolato strain.

There are some Dolato offspring including the Waffle Cone strain. Made from the crossing of Dolato and Jet Fuel Gelato, you may get a more energizing strain that offers chronic pain and stress relief. The strain is not recommended for new or light smokers, as many reviewers say it hits hard and the smoke feels heavy on the lungs. Additionally, many say it may induce a coughing fit if you treat it like any other strain.

Dolato Strain User Reviews

“Enjoyed as a joint, Dolato produces a euphoric high on par with the best indica strains, perfect for a brisk autumn walk or relaxing nightcap. With a pronounced, smooth and velvety lemon flavor, it is easy to find the characteristics of its parent, Gelato #41, and remains one of the better tasting strains I have had the pleasure to smoke.”

Leafly Reviwer

Many users love this strain, pointing to their experiences of potentially creative yet sedative after consuming the strain. With these feelings hand in hand, it may create the perfect high-thought talks in calming atmospheres. Furthermore, this strain may be best consumed when reading a book, painting, taking a nap, or chilling with friends.


Photo via The Highest Critic

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