Virginia Pop Strain By Redbird: Indica-Dominant Hybrid

Virginia Pop Strain By Redbird: Indica-Dominant Hybrid

By Kush21 Staff Editor

Virginia Pop is a strain whose title isn’t extremely well known but whose genetics are a household name for cannabis lovers. Made up of a cross between Dosi Dos x Triangle Kush, the strain brings out the best tastes, smells, and potential effects of its parents. To create the Indica-leaning strain, Redbird reached out to Seed Junky Genetics to curate Virginia Pop’s genetics. 

Triangle Kush 

Triangle Kush is an Indica-dominant hybrid. The strain’s genetics are unknown, however, it is generally thought to be a descendant of an OG Kush. Triangle Kush strain contains dark green buds with amber hairs and white trichomes sprinkled throughout. The hybrid gives off a slightly lemon-like scent with notes of floral and earth. When it comes to effects, the strain has the potential to induce a sense of full-body relaxation with a stimulating cerebral high. 


Do-si-dos is an Indica-dominant cross between OGKB and a Girl Scout Cookies phenotype. The strain contains a thick layer of trichomes, fiery pistils, and bright green color with hints of lavender. Do-Si-Dos has a sweet-smelling aroma with notes of earth and funk. 


Like most Washington flower, the Virginia Pop comes in a glass jar with plenty of visibility to see the bud. The bud has bright green flowers with a frosty layer of trichomes that give it a silvery appearance. Additionally, the bud has tones of deep purple throughout. Through its appearance, the Girl Scout Cookie lineage shines through. 

When it comes to smell, the Do-Si-Dos stands out the most. Virginia Pop and Do-Si-Dos share an aroma of earthy floral and skunk-like funk. 

virginia pop
Image Via Redbird Instagram


The Virginia Funk flavor is extremely noticeable on the inhale. The sharp flavor contains strong notes of floral and earth. On the exhale, users will detect an almost gassy aftertaste. 

The strain contains 19.6% THC, resulting in a potentially lighter yet still potent experience. Users may experience feelings of deep relaxation in the body and a calm feeling in the mind. The potentially indica-leaning effects of the Virginia Pop make it a great option for recovery. Whether post-work or post-workout, the strain is potentially ideal for physically and mentally relaxing. Additionally, users who suffer from insomnia may find relief through the Virginia Pop strain. 

Virginia Pop is a favorite at our Seatac dispensary. To try it for yourself, check out our online menu.

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