Best Strains for Boosting Creativity

By Macey Wolfer

We all need an extra boost sometimes. Whether you’re an experienced artist or just looking to express yourself in new ways, it’s normal to have your creative well run dry every now and again. 

Now, studies have not confirmed whether or not cannabis can actually boost creativity. In fact, some studies have shown cannabis does not increase creativity. It’s important to remember that the few studies that have come out don’t prove a whole lot. Cannabis affects users in different ways, depending on their own biology, the strain, terpene profile, and more. 

What we do know is that there is a lot of anecdotal evidence that cannabis can help boost creativity. And that certain strains are better at it than others.

We’ve rounded up some of the strains with the best reputations for enhancing creativity so you can try them out and get imaginative. 

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Blue Dream 

This is a classic hybrid with a knack for getting the creative juices flowing. It’s slightly Sativa-dominant, so it is not overwhelming in its stimulating effects nor is it sedating. 

The high is balanced with notable cerebral effects. Blue Dream produces a strong sense of focus and motivation, making it easy to become absorbed in a creative project. 

If you find yourself in a creative rut, a little Blue Dream may be just what you need to get back on track. 

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Sour Diesel 

This Sativa-dominant hybrid is another great option for opening your mind and getting imaginative. This strain hits hard so be sure to start slow, especially if you don’t have a high tolerance. 

The high is pleasant and uplifting, perfect for inspiring new ideas and approaches. With its diesel-dipped citrusy flavor, it’s sure to have users happy and motivated to create new things. Many users claim Sour Diesel is motivating as well, which means users who have been stuck in a rut may get through it with this strain. 

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Girl Scout Cookies

Potent and euphoric, Girl Scout Cookies is a great strain to stimulate your creative energy. Whether it’s a painting you want to finish or a song you want to write, this just may be the way to get you there. If you can stay motivated. 

Unlike some of the others on this list, the Girl Scout Cookies strain is not particularly good at motivating users. If you’re easily couch-locked, you may want to reach for less sedative strain. 

If you can power through the sedative effects, you’re sure to have some unique thought processes leading to fresh perspectives and a creative burst. 

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Northern Lights 

This is an indica heavy strain, so much like the previous one, watch out if you’re prone to couch-lock. If you can push past the typical indica effects, Northern Lights will do wonders for creativity. 

Users tend to find themselves with heightened creativity and focus when using this strain. If you’re looking for a focused, inspiring time that doesn’t require a lot of physical energy, Northern Lights is a great strain to reach for. 

Final thoughts on boosting creativity with cannabis 

Remember, different strains hit differently for various people. If you don’t like the effects one cannabis strain is giving you, it’s probably time to reach for a new one. 

And while there may not be a lot of scientific evidence to back up the role of cannabis in creativity, we’ve encountered enough people who thrive by using it to enhance their imagination and motivate themselves to create. 

If you feel like you need a creative boost, look for a strain that has nice cerebral effects. But most importantly, go for one that you find works best for you. 

We compiled our list based on user reviews and experiences, but we know there are tons of other strains out there to help with creativity. Let us know what we missed!

Macey Wolfer

Macey is passionate about music, animals, and the vast potential of cannabis.

*All information, content, and material of this website is for informational purposes only and are not intended to serve as a substitute for the consultation, diagnosis, and/or medical treatment of a qualified physician or healthcare provider.

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May 21, 2020

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