Dutch Berry Strain by Artizen: Amsterdam Meets Blissful Berry

By Kush21 Staff Editor
Dutchberry Cannabis Strain

Part Dutch Treat, part DJ Short’s Berry, Dutch Berry is a 60/40 sativa-dominant hybrid with far origins from Amsterdam. The Dutch Treat derivative of the strain is a hybrid made by crossing Northern Lights with Haze, and is a cultural staple among Dutch coffee shops.

DJ Short’s Berry (DSB), the hybrid strain’s second source, has its origins from Central America and Southeast Asia. A cultivar widely spliced into other hybrids, DSB has potentially sedative effects and a savory berry flavor. Combined together, this powerful combo creates Dutch Berry, a hybrid dusted in citrus and berry flavors.

Registering an average of 27% THC and 8% CBD, Dutchberry has one of the highest cannabinoid profiles amongst strains. The high CBD level generates a unique entourage effect and helps balance the relatively high THC content to produce a potentially happy, pleasant effect.

The most abundant terpene in Dutch Berry is myrcene, giving it earthy, peppery aromas and flavors. Myrcene is also found in thyme, and lemongrass. Secondary terpenes include pinene (pine) and caryophyllene (pepper).

Dutch Berry by Artizen

Dutch Berry by Artizen

At Artizen, expert growers practice with a calm, thoughtful, zen-like approach, with an emphasis on the natural aspects of growing plants. Artizen’s cultivation facility in Lacey, WA features 30-foot ceilings, where their plants breathe the CO2-enriched air. Artizen’s plants are watered by a state-of-the-art water filtration system, with temperature optimally maintained. By using the some of the industry’s best grow-light technology, Artizen plants get maximum levels of photosynthetic energy.

Artizen’s Dutch Berry strain enjoys this attention to detail, delivering consistent product results. Of 95 reviewers on Leafly, 72% reported feeling happy after consuming the strain. 48% of those same people reported feeling relaxed, and another 48% reported feeling uplifted.

Artizen’s Dutch Berry can be potentially useful for ailments, as well. Of the 95 people who reviewed the strain, 27% reported it helping them manage anxiety. 26% of people recorded the strain helping them manage stress. And 24% found Artizen’s Dutch Berry useful for alleviating depression.

One user described the Dutch Berry strain as, “By far the best sativa leaning hybrid I’ve ever smoked period. Very nice uplift. No anxiety ( and I used be on 4mg of klonopin a day) happy, giggly, and actually enjoyed shopping with my wife and that says a lot LOL. Very relaxing but still able to pull focus and then fade back into the ahigh. The transition from sativa to the indica side is seamless. I actually got more energized as I came down which was an nice twist.”

Another said of the Dutch Berry strain by Artizen, “I do believe I have found my day strain. Artizen grows magic!”

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