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By Kush21 Staff Editor

GoodGood Garden is a wonderful grower located near Cheney WA. They excel at providing Washington State consumers with the highest quality craft cannabis at a working person’s price, and in doing so, they help bring about the change we need to see in marijuana by providing a beautiful and organic product.


From the biochar rich soil to the clean and green nutrients and pest management system, GoodGood is a company that is setting the standard for what cannabis farms should aspire to be.


GoodGood Garden is set up with nine veg rooms and nine grow rooms, all of which are controlled to the growers’ exact specifications. The life of a plant in this facility can begin either in the form of a seed in the case of pheno hunting, or a clone, if already intended for production. To further assist their young plants’ roots, GoodGood employees use microbes that spur on the process.

A common theme as one tours the facility; GoodGood and its hard-working team would rather grow the right and natural way and throw out the myth that organic is complicated.

After rooting occurs, the plants are moved along a progression of veg rooms related to their respective maturity before finally finding their way to their adult home in one of GoodGoods flower rooms where it is staked and cared for the remainder of its life until harvest. Using perpetual harvest methods, GoodGood Garden can harvest every two weeks thus ensuring that their product is ready for the consumer in a timely manner.

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This allows for GoodGood to efficiently produce any of their nineteen in house strains of which any twelve might be on rotation. So when you go purchase GoodGood, you know your favorite strains will be there waiting for you.

In order to preserve the natural essence of cannabis, GoodGood ensures that only organic pest management practices are used within their grow.

Nematodes are added to the soil to assist the plant in its ability to protect itself and yellow sticky aphid traps are also utilized as another layer of defense. Every painstaking step is taken to make sure the flower produced is as organic as possible.

During the plants last two weeks of life and as part of the flush process, they are given only water, further ensuring that the product you are smoking is the cleanest it can be. From there the plants are harvested and sent to the dry rooms where they spend the rest of their time in production before being packaged and sent off to consumers across Washington.

Kush21 and GoodGood Farms Cannabis Dry Room


GoodGood takes a very natural approach to enhance their entire soil structure but the real difference is their use of all natural biochar. In partnering with Third Eye Organix, they have discovered an amazing benefit from using biochar in their soil.

Kush21 and GoodGood Farms Cannabis

Biochar created by Third Eye Organix is a natural combination of hard and soft driftwood heated to under 400 degrees. Through cooling it off and sequestering, it maintains carbon thus preventing the release of co2 during the process of production. Biochar provides a natural microbial habitat as well as assisting in moisture and nutrient retention in the soil.

Biochars natural structure as well as inoculating it with teas provides a steady release function of the moisture stored in the soil through the symbiosis between the microbes and the soil itself.


One strain that has helped GoodGood attain the level of excellence they have is Purple Punch.

GoodGood Farms Purple Punch Flower with seeds

Purple Punch is used as the father strain for many of the crosses produced at GoodGood Garden and has lent its strong genetics to the product produced by this farm. It is particularly loved because of the ease with which it can be mated with females and has helped solidify an adage that can be heard around GoodGood Garden “Weed isn’t addictive but growing it is.”

In terms of the flower itself, Purple Punch by GoodGood has an incredibly unique profile reminiscent of a blueberry muffin and has an exquisite balanced psychoactive effect perfect for anyone looking for a relaxing strain that is simultaneously incredibly happy and euphoric.


One of the other incredibly unique features of GoodGood Garden is their hash production which is not only produced uniquely but is also one hundred percent nug run, or full flower.

This unique process utilized by GoodGood is a dry sift hash with smoky quartz crystals and dry ice.

First, they run it through a couple of sifts the last being 120 microns. Then it is taken up to low heat and pressure coined as “triple press” by the GoodGood hashmakers.

It sits in the press about 10 min before it is removed, cured just like flower, stored, packaged and sent away to happy consumers everywhere. The end result of this process is an incredibly potent and yet famously easy product to smoke or vaporize.

At its price point, it will quickly become a staple product for the connoisseur and price hunter among us.


GoodGood Garden is setting the new standard for growing cannabis in the state of Washington one store at a time. Through their incredibly clean and organic methods and their immaculate attention to detail, they produce craft cannabis at a cost we can all afford.

Their varied strain list and efficient grow practices mean that there is a strain for everyone to enjoy for this fantastic example of fine cannabis. Get more information on GoodGood Garden at one of our Kush21 Recreational Cannabis Locations!

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February 28, 2019

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