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By Kush21 Editor

At Kush 21, it’s a lifestyle to ensure our customers have access to both premium and affordable buds. No matter the range of price, all of our buds are winners, but you can also drop bills and end up with choice top shelf. Review our online menu for a more complete list of your options, but below we’ve put together some of the top flowers available, both modern and classic. We look forward to seeing you stop by!

At $8 a gram, Orgrow’s Gelato is an easy bud to fall in love with. Tasty and easy to smoke before bed or relaxing, Gelato remains one of the most sought out cultivars on the market. A flower of a similar reputation, and oldie but a goodie, is Blue Dream. Hometown Herbs set us up with their flower, and we sell them at $10 a gram. Loaded with myrcene and pinene, this light herbal strain helps a night wind down and is deliciously airy. 

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Getting into the classic strains, we have an ounce of Mind Bende’s Northern Lights Flower available for $84. One of the legacy European strains, this mild flower can gently lull some of the most strung-out people into a euphoric rest. Another absolute legend, Green Crack is available for $10 a gram and provided by Green Haven. This cultivar hits like its name implies, and is a great strain for hiking, writing, or other general activities. Perhaps the most ideal wake and bake strain. However, we’ve also got those looking for the tried and true, GG #4. At $15 an eighth, Black Dog Bud provides these buds for an unmissable bargain.

Check out all these cultivars and more online or in-person! You’re sure to end up with a new favorite. 

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October 5, 2020

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