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Evergreen Sale: Save 10% Ordering Cannabis Online in Pullman

By Kush21 Editor

It’s always the right move to take care of your health. While we’re happy to see you shop in person at Kush21, ordering online saves time and reduces the chances of potential exposure to COVID-19. But there is even a better reason to shop online, you can enjoy 10% off ordering from our Pullman location’s online menu! Those looking for an easy flower choice should consider Panacea’s gram Jack the Ripper Rosin Stix for $10. If smoke isn’t your thing, Optimum Extract’s $35 third gram Sherb Crasher Disposable Dab Pen will get you sorted. With hundreds of options, you’re sure to find something you love.

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With $14 grams of Do-Si-Dos and $40 half ounces of CBD flower, we’ve got a wide variety of flowers on deck. There are $150 ounces of Clandestine’s Nor-Cal Cake Flower and $40 eighths of Hometown’s Blue Dream Flower. No matter your budgets and taste we’ll leave you with high-quality buds. We also carry plenty of prerolls, including Top Shelf’s $10 gram Oregon Diesel preroll. 

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As for carts, Buddies Brand’s $45 half gram SFV OG Live Resin Pax Cart is a solid choice. $30 will get you a gram of Dabulous’s Green Crack Cart and $40 will get you a half gram AiroPro cart of Harmony’s Jack Herer. We also have dabs, both isolate and live resin. $40 will land you a gram. of CBD Crystalline from Canna Organix. We also have $25 grams of Joe Slick’s Animal Cookie Crumble, $35 grams of Millennium Extract’s Primus Butter, and much more. 

Our store is also proud to offer Ray Lemonade’s Mango Lemonade, a perfect drink to remind you of those warmer days of summer. Cornerstone’s $20 100 MG Sugar-Free Dark Chocolate is perfect for the health-conscious, although we’re also stocked with capsules and tinctures. Order online then stop by in Pullman today, and we’ll be happy to sort you out. 

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October 11, 2020

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